LVC students attend a lecture by a guest speaker

Colloquium 2017–18 | Desire

This year’s College Colloquium Series grapples with the theme of desire – for happiness and fulfillment, for love and connection, for health and money and material goods, for spiritual sustenance, and for the myriad other things that human beings tend to want and crave and covet and seek, or, that they tend to reject as unduly restrictive on the unfettered pursuit of their desires.  Through a series of visiting speakers, films, workshops, curricular and co-curricular activities, and more, the campus community is invited to critically engage with this most elusive and ubiquitous aspect of the human condition. 


Writing: A Life

The LVC English Department’s “Writing: A Life” series brings accomplished writers to campus for workshops, readings, and book signings. This new series of speakers is being funded by a President’s Innovation Fund grant, and enables students the opportunity to experience innovative and interactive programming. 


Global Coffee Series

Held each Friday afternoon during the academic year, the Global Coffee Series covers numerous topics related to studying abroad, international travel, and our international students. Sessions may feature student presenters, faculty and staff sharing their experiences, guest speakers, or special activities.


Mathematical Sciences Colloquium Series

The Mathematical Sciences Colloquium Series welcomes alumni and other professionals to campus to discuss general topics related to the fields of actuarial science and mathematics.

The Colloquium is co-curricular and cross-curricular. The idea is to get student and faculty—the whole LVC community, including people in the Annville area—to think about and bring their own interests and expertise to bear on a topic.

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Colloquium Chair

Dr. Robert Valgenti