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Visit our Facebook Page and see pictures of LVC language students visiting Peru or Germany, trips to theaters in New York City and Hershey, as well as other events organized by our language programs.

Photo: LVC students Colleen Delaney (left) and Jesus Sandoval (right) with Assistant Professor of Spanish Gabriela McEvoy (center) at the 15th century Inca site Machu Picchu, Peru (7,970ft elevation) - they traveled there in May 2011, as a service learning component of the Indigenista Literature course.


Language Placement Test


Language Requirement

For students and advisors: The language requirement at Lebanon Valley College. 


Phi Sigma Iota Award Scholarship

Congratulations to Genvieve Hugenbruch, class of 2015!  Genevieve has been awarded the Phi Sigma Iota Award Scholarship to assist her in her graduate studies in Intercultural Communications and Linguistics.


New Phi Sigma Iota Inductees

Phi Sigma Iota welcomed its newest members on April 13th.  The inductees were Brooke Ciccocioppo, Carrie Pfleiger, Katrina Heimbach, Sarah DiMaggio, Viktoria van Nederveen, Heather Kinney, Erin Angelini, Elizabeth Bauer, Erin Eckerd, Lauren Derby, Marie Gorman, Megan Kimmel, Kimberly Ortiz-Marrero, Leah Kline, Anna Quinn, Holly Langdon, Molly McBride, Annalou Pagels, Stephanie Price, and Courtney Wilt!


LVC Professor is Keynote Speaker for CCA Honor Society Induction

Dr. Kathleen Taceloksy was the keynote speaker for the Commonwealth Connections Academy (CCA) Spanish and French Honor Society Induction Ceremony. The ceremony, which took place Friday, April 10th, welcomed approximately twenty new students into the society. This was a great honor for the CCA students, and also gave LVC the opportunity to connect with some potential future students! 


Inquiry 2015

Languages students presented their research project, "Spanish for Healthcare and Well-being", at Inquiry 2015! Pictured from left to right are students Kattya Palacios, Karla Bingaman, and Megan Kimmel, along with Professor Gabriela McEvoy



Languages Faculty Scholarship and Pedagogy

Click here to see the scholarship and pedagogy of the LVC Languages Department!


Service Trip to Puerto Rico - Deadline October 17.

LVC offers a service trip to Puerto Rico from May 10-17, 2015. Registration formas are due on October 17. Information can be found here, for further questions contact Ivette Guzman-Zavalla (


LVC Professor Presents at Greensboro

Dr. Carmen Garcia-Armero presented at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro on October 24th. Garcia-Armero’s talk was titled “Exploring Representations of Trauma and the Intergenerational Transmission of Traumatic Memories in Contemporary Spanish Culture: En la ciudad sin límites (The City of No Limits) by Antonio Hernández”. Her discussion explored the trauma experienced by Spanish individuals during the Spanish civil war and the Franco dictatorship, and how that trauma can be transmitted from parents to child.


A Postcard from Germany

Junior Scott Reagan, German and International Studies Major, writes on his first two weeks in the Summer Study Abroad in Wurzburg, Germany. Scott talks about stereotypes that are actually true, experiencing the celebrations for Germany’s fourth soccer world championship, what it takes to get Germans to hug you, and American lifestyle catching up with him in Bavaria. He writes: “…we definitely obtain some of the best worldly wisdom while simply living within German society, within a Germany city, using German public transportation, and… speaking German!” The study abroad group already visited Munich and is currently in Berlin. Read the postcard here.


Pictures: Top: Scott Reagan (right) celebrating the German soccer world champion title. Bottom: LVC and Hillsdale College students above Wurzburg, on the balcony of the fortress Marienberg. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.


Graduating Spanish Major gathered experience in Spain and Mexico

Senior Ashley Ferrari graduates with triple majors in philosophy, international studies, and Spanish, and a political science minor. Read the news article and watch the YouTube interview about her study abroad in Spain and a research trip to Mexico with Lebanon Valley College. 

Picture: Ashley Ferrari '14 and Kathleen Tacelosky, Chair of the Languages Department and Associate Professor of Spanish. 


German Major Genevieve Hugenbruch Presenting at Conference

German, History, and International Studies Major Genevieve Hugenbruch is presenting at the Undergraduate Research Conference in German Studies at Lafayette College. Her talk is titled: "The Prevented Narrative of the First World War: German Remembrance and Identity Formation."

Assistant Professor of German Joerg Meindl moderated a panel.

Find the full program here.


Where do Alumni Work? Language Skills and Careers

Read how LVC Graduate Erica Trapassograduate Erica Trapasso '10, German Minor and Art History Major, found a job thanks to her language skills: a career based on German and Art History.

Photo: Erica Trapasso '10

Two LVC Alumni found a home and job in Spain - study abroad and language skills opened new opportunities. Read more here:

Read the story on two LVC alumni working in Spain.


Innovative “Spanish for Heritage Speakers” Class Responds to Student Need (featured on WGAL and Lebanon Daily News)

As the Hispanic population continues to grow in Lebanon County and across the country, the number of children raised in Spanish-speaking homes continues to rise. But as these students attend school where English is the language of instruction, they grow up without any formal education in their native tongue.

Lebanon Valley College also realized an increase of Hispanic students that were fluent Spanish speakers, but were struggling with spelling and grammar, and therefore having difficulty placing into the appropriate Spanish class for their abilities. Continue reading at LVC news...

The course attracted interest in regional media outlets:

NBC affiliate WGAL visited Ivette Dr. Guzman-Zavalla's course "Spanish for Heritage Speakers" on November 15. See the coverage on the WGAL website.

Also, see the article in the Lebanon Daily News on the course.