Students understand cultural practices associated with the people who speak French, German, or Spanish
  • Demonstrate the depth and complexity of cultural differences between the home and target culture.
  • Apply sociolinguistic cues to adapt behavior and language according to the social context.
  • Identify ways in which cultural norms and values are transmitted.
  • Identify cultural variation recognizing that cultures are diverse.
Students are proficient in the four basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing)
  • Identify the main ideas, facts, and linguistic features of written and spoken discourse. 
  • Communicate successfully and with some detail in speaking and writing on a variety of topics using a variety of styles and strategies.
Students read and analyze literature written in French, German, or Spanish
  • Apply literary terms and concepts to explicate and interpret literary texts.
  • Distinguish a diverse range of literary genres, trends, movements.
  • Associate literary works to their historical, social and political context and apply that knowledge to a literary analysis.