Mission Statement: The mission of the Languages Department at Lebanon Valley College is to foster the study of languages and to invite students to discern, understand and respect other cultures, as well as their own. We endeavor to produce graduates who are prepared to engage the diverse, multicultural and multilingual world in their places of employment, graduate school and their communities. Further, faculty members in the department model scholarship and make contributions through our own research in the areas of literature, linguistics, language acquisition, pedagogy, cross-cultural studies and related fields.

The Languages Department of LVC seeks to accomplish our mission by offering:

  • courses which engage students in active use of the language under study,
  • study abroad experiences in Spain, the Dominican Republic, France, Quebec, Germany, and Italy,
  • a variety of experiential learning opportunities such as
    • community engagement on and off campus,
    • collaborative projects including research with faculty
    • faculty-led travel study-abroad seminars.

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Language Placement Test

Language Requirement

For students and advisors: The language requirement at Lebanon Valley College. 


Why Study a Language at Lebanon Valley College?

  • To communicate in a language or languages of your choice: French, German, Sanskrit, or Spanish.
  • To learn about contemporary life and have access to the culture, history, politics, literature, music, and art of other societies.
  • Because the combination of a language major or minor with a business- or science-oriented field will help assure success in the evolving world economy and in today's highly competitive international job market.
  • If you are interested in elementary or secondary education, you will find that additional certification in a language significantly enhances employment opportunities.
  • Because the members of the Department of Languages offers personal attention and guidance to every student.
  • The faculty strikes an ideal balance between native speakers and American-born professors.
  • Classes are small and informal.
  • Study abroad is strongly encouraged either in one of the College's programs or in other approved programs, depending on your needs and interests.
  • You will be prepared to work and live in multicultural settings.
  • Language clubs will add further understanding of language and culture with dinners, films, plays, traditional cultural dancing, and field trips. Members celebrate culture during International Culture Day.

Career Opportunities in Languages

With an undergraduate degree in any of the languages offered at Lebanon Valley College, you can pursue a career in:

  • Education
  • Diplomatic and government service
  • International trade and management
  • Business and social services
  • International banking
  • Travel industry

    Whatever your career choices may be, you can be assured that in today's rapidly changing global marketplace a language is a valuable asset. The Department of Language's goal is to prepare you for a career, and for an intellectually rewarding life.


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