About Matthew P. Velazquez

Velazquez Matthew P. Velazquez, Network Support Specialist

Telephone: 717-867-6060
Address: Lynch 005
Email: velazque@lvc.edu

Network Support Specialist

Original Date Prepared: 7/2000     Revision Date: 9/2011

Reports to: Manager of Infrastructure and Security

Administrative Group: Information Technology

Functional Description: The Network Support Specialist is responsible for the operation and support of the campus data network and the college's Internet connection. The Network Support Specialist is part of the Infrastructure and Security group within Information Technology.

Major Responsibilities/Duties:

  • Acting as administrator for the network servers (e.g., dhcp, dns) and remote access servers.
  • Establishing the standard configuration for network clients on all supported desktop computer platforms.
  • Providing support to users of the campus network and the Internet.
  • Assuring the timely diagnosis and repair of all college-owned networking equipment.
  • Coordinating the provision of network services to the residence halls including the supervision of student network assistants.
  • Helping to assure the ongoing, efficient and secure operation of the college's local and wide area networks including its connection to the Internet.
  • Coordinating the analysis and tuning of network performance by outside network consultants as needed.
  • Coordinating the installation of new and/or upgraded networking equipment and software.
  • Serving as on-site technical coordinator for the college's Internet connection and related services.
  • Coordinating the installation and maintenance of data wiring with vendors and in-house personnel.
  • Maintaining up-to-date and complete records of the fiber-optic and copper cable plants, including patch panels.
  • Remaining current in the field of computer networking by regularly reading trade journals and attending workshops, seminars and other training sessions as required.

Principal Internal Working Relationships: Students, faculty and staff.

External Working Relationships: Vendors.

Direct Reports: None.

Education Requirements: Post-secondary training in computer-related field.