Services for Retirees

A faculty or staff member who retires from LVC is offered the following IT-related services.

  • LVC Network Login - With this username and password, a retiree may use computers in our labs and may access certain information on the campus network that is not generally available (e.g., all library resources including those for which the college must buy a subscription).
  • E-mail - A retiree may continue to use his or her LVC e-mail account via Outlook Web Access. Or, he or she may request that any e-mail messages addressed to his or her former LVC e-mail address be forwarded to a new, non-LVC e-mail account.
  • E-mail Distribution List - A retiree may elect to be part of an LVC e-mail distribution list for retirees that can be helpful in keeping informed about campus events, etc.

Note: If a retiree teaches for LVC on a part-time basis after retirement, he or she is also an "adjunct" faculty member and thereby gains access to additional information on the network including student schedules and class rosters.

Revised 2006