Residence Hall Services

Standard Service - The College provides each residence hall room with cable service from the local cable company with more than 100 channels, many in high definition.  Using their college login information, resident students also have access to XFINITY On Campus, where they can stream live TV, movies, and more on any device, anytime, anywhere. Channel Lineup

Premium Services - For a fee, students may also subscribe to premium channels such as HBO and Showtime, as well as pay-per-view events. This can be done by logging into your XFINITY On Campus account.

Televisions - Students are responsible for furnishing their own television and coax cable.  The digital HD cable system at LVC requires a television with a QAM tuner.  You must check the specifications from your TV manufacturer to determine if your TV includes the required tuner.  This information can be found online per the manufacturer website or by calling their customer support line.





Set Up Instructions

  1. Connect one end of the coax cable into the wall jack and the other end into the TV.
  2. Set the TV to "Cable" or "CATV".  This setting is normally located in the menu or setup option.
  3. Run a channel scan, which is normally done in the menu or setup option.