Survey Summaries

Graduating Senior Sruvey

The College surveys graduates in the weeks before graduation to gain their perspective on their education and to gather information on their post-graduation plans.

May 2014 Graduating Seniors Report - also available by major


Alumni Survey - Six Months Out
The College surveys alumni approximately six months after graduation to gain an understanding of their post-graduation activities.  Summaries of the results from the Class of 2013 are below.

Class of 2013 Survey - Undergraduates

Class of 2013 Survey - Graduate Students 


CIRP Freshman Survey
The CIRP Freshman Survey is the longest running national survey of college freshmen.  It is administered to incoming freshmen before they begin classes and provides a picture of the characteristics of entering class.

 CIRP 2013 Survey Summary Presentation 


National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
The National Survey of Student Engagement is gathers student self-reported information about their participation in programs and activities related to learning and personal development.  Survey items focus on practices that research has shown to be impactful in undergraduate education.

  NSSE 2013 Snapshot