Enrollment & Persistence

Enrollment Reports

This section contains the official enrollment reports of the College.  These reports break out enrollment by term, enrollment status, and by demographic variables.  This reports are produced by the Registrar's Office and are distributed each term.

Fall Reports                              Spring Reports                     Summer Reports

Fall 2016

Fall 2015                                           Spring 2016                                     Summer 2016

Fall 2014                                           Spring 2015                                     Summer 2015

Fall 2013                                           Spring 2014                                     Summer 2014

Fall 2012                                           Spring 2013                                     Summer 2013

Fall 2011                                           Spring 2012                                     Summer 2012

Fall 2010                                           Spring 2011                                     Summer 2011

Fall 2009                                           Spring 2010


Persistence Report

The College Persistence Report presents data on retention and completion by cohort.  The report is produced by the Registrar each semester.

 Persistence Report