A Commitment to Our Values

As a community of inclusive excellence, the College affirms the values by which we seek to live and address the needs of our students and community. We strive to sustain our core values of understanding, inclusiveness, civility, diversity, and service to others. Our mission derives from these values. We do not uphold them; they uphold everything we do and stand for. They are the basis for our College and why we are a college.

President Lewis E. Thayne has said: “None of us created the problems of our society. All of those problems have many dimensions and nuances to them. It is often the small, personal victories over these problems that sometimes mean the most; and it is the subtle incivilities that sometimes hurt the most. We may not agree on what the problems are or which solutions might be the most effective. We can all agree, however, that we are each responsible for our own lives; and we live them, as they say, in the shadow of our neighbors. Although there is greatness in each and every one of us, we are stronger when we work together. In the deepest and most idealistic part of us, we all want a society and a world that is just, prosperous, and at peace.”

Inclusive excellence creates a setting where everyone achieves his or her highest potential. Inclusive excellence is not the work of a day; it is an ongoing effort to build excellence and inclusion into everything we do.