Greetings from Alumni by Mr. Kenny Montijo '09

Distinguished guests, friends, and family.

My name is Kenny Montijo - lifelong resident of Lebanon County and recipient of the exceptional education provided by one of the top liberal arts colleges in the world—your Lebanon Valley College.

On behalf of alumni living all across the United States and around the world, I am honored to welcome you, Dr. Thayne, as our College’s 18th president.

The strength of our alumni and their commitment to Lebanon Valley College abounds throughout this campus. The buildings they have helped build, the students they have supported and mentored, and, most notably—the scholarships that they have established to support our students—are all living testaments to the enduring thirst we as alumni have in ensuring that Lebanon Valley College continues to prepare students for service to others and to community.

As you labor to advance our College’s nearly 150-year tradition of excellence in education, be assured that your alumni stand behind you. We trust you and will support you. On behalf of the thousands of alumni that have walked these halls, welcome and congratulations!