Greetings from Students by Mr. Michael J. Mellon III '13

Good afternoon! As president of Student Government I'd like to extend a warm welcome and thank you all for your attendance this afternoon.

As a senior at Lebanon Valley College I cannot express how privileged I feel to have the opportunity to speak with you today. I remember reading the website as a nervous high school senior about “340 beautiful rural acres in the town of Annville,” an institution that delivered “high impact experiences in an academically rigorous environment,” that is “ranked among the best values in private colleges.” Yet, none of these can possibly convey what this College is or what it means to the student body. Lebanon Valley College is a family, a home, the refiner’s fire that has turned, and continues to turn thousands of immature boys and girls into educated, productive, and aware members of our society.

Nostalgically looking back on my four years here, and wistfully looking to the ever shrinking weeks ahead, I can see a transformation, not only in myself, but in the College. This school has served as an arbiter of truth; a lighthouse showing students what they are, and all that they can be. No other person is more important to the direction this College takes and the decisions it makes than our president. As a senior, getting ready to leave this place and on behalf of the student body, I can confidently trust our new president, Dr. Lewis Thayne, with this place that means more than I can describe. Knowing him not only as a leader but as a man, I am happy to leave this “340 acres” of home in capable hands.