Greetings from the Community by Richard F. Charles

It is a signal honor to represent the township of Annville on this festive occasion in the history of Lebanon Valley College.

I got an early sense of Lewis Thayne’s energy and focus when I sought an appointment last July, just after he took office. I had hoped for a meeting, perhaps in the near future, when his calendar might allow a conversation about Annville. To my surprise, he personally answered my request the next day with a call from his cell phone suggesting an immediate meeting. In the intervening months, President Thayne has continued the LVC/Annville dialogue on many levels – real estate, finance, construction, student relations, to name a few. Perhaps most significant is our working together to continue renewal of Annville’s downtown and central business core.

Accordingly, in recognition of already demonstrated mutual interests and with a positive look to the future, the Annville township board of commissioners, at its April meeting, passed the following citation:

To Lewis Evitts Thayne:
In appreciation of one hundred forty seven years of Lebanon Valley College in Annville township, the board of commissioners extends this greeting of welcome and good wishes to Dr. Lewis Evitts Thayne on his inauguration as the eighteenth president of Lebanon Valley College
Presented this 19th day of April 2013 by the Annville township board of commissioners.

Mr. President I am pleased to present a framed version of that citation signed by each Annville township commissioner.