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Exhibit Sponsors

Friends of the Gallery

It is with gratitude that we list the names of those donors who supported the Suzanne H. Arnold Gallery and in so doing, helped to make this year's exhibitions possible.

Exhibit Sponsors
blankJeffrey E. Arnold
blankSuzanne H. Arnold H'96
blankGerald A. Collins
blankWilliam M. Dallam and Mary L. Dallam
blankJohannes Dietrich and Marie-Aline Cadieux
blankMary Louise Johnson
blankKenneth E. Lehman and Karen Lehman
blankWilliam Lehr Jr. and Beverlee B. Lehr
blankClyde McGeary and Barbara McGeary
blankMartha McGeary-Snider
blankDavid W. Reager and Jeanne Reager
blankRichard Shull and Ann W. Shull

a gift of $1,000-$4,999 or more
Suzanne H. Arnold H'96 and Ronald Schrotberger

a gift of $500-$999
blankRichard F. Charles and Pauline C. Charles
blankKenneth E. Lehman and Karen Lehman
blankWilliam Lehr Jr. and Beverlee B. Lehr
blankLewis E. Thayne, Ph.D. and Dorothy G. Thayne
blankElliot S. Vesell, M.D.
blankHarlan R. Wengert H'87 and Nancy N. Wengert

a gift of $250-$499
blankDr. Michael R. Green
blankDr. John P. Kearney anddeceasedMrs. Carol J. Kearney
blankDr. Stephen C. MacDonald and Mary C. Warner
blankDavid W. Reager and Jeanne Reager
blankDr. David V. Rudd and Shirley Rudd
blankDr. Elizabeth K. (Kreiser) Weisburger '44, H'89

a gift of $100 - $249
blankDr. Philip A. Billings and Sue A. Billings
blankAlice M. Brumbaugh
blankWilliam J. Chambers and Bonnie J. Chambers
blankRobert Clay and Barbara P. Clay
blankDr. Salvatore S. Cullari and Kathryn Cullari
blankWilliam Dallam and Mary Louise Dallam
deceasedRocco Damiano and Dr. Ann E. Damiano
blankWoodrow S. Dellinger Jr. '62
blankThe Rev. Timothy M. Dewald P'04 and Carol J. (Dillman) Dewald '86, P'04
blankDr. Dennis J. Easter P'15 and Jennifer K. Easter P'15
blankDr. George E. Fava and Margaret M. Fava
blankJames D. Hagelgans and Gale M. Zorian
blankMark N. Heinly and Amy L. Heinly
blankDr. Paul A. Heise and Roberta Warshaw
blankR. Andrew Hoff and Mary O. Hoff
blankBetty C. (Criswell) Hungerford '54, H'09
blankWilliam Kauffman and Barbara Kauffman
blankDr. J. Michael Kildee '64 and Barbara R. Kildee
blankWalter E. Labonte and Paula S. (Stevens) Labonte '03
blankJacqueline L. Kruper
blankThomas A. Loper and Dianne N. Loper
blankDr. William J. McGill H'98 and Ellen B. McGill
blankJohn McNulty and Dr. Barbara McNulty
blankDr. Owen A. Moe Jr. and Kathleen Moe
blankHelen T. Neidig P'73
blankRandall Oyer and Rosanne Oyer
blankNoel Perry and Virginia Perry
deceasedEdward L. Phillips and Dr. Lynn G. (Garrett) Phillips '68
blankDr. Corey Rigberg and Betty Rigberg
blankElyse E. Rogers, Esq., '76
blankCraig H. Seltzer and Donna L. (Curanzy) Seltzer '94
blankGeorge D. Shaak '55
blankMark Singel and Jackie Singel
blankLee C. Smedley and Sally Smedley
blankIngeborg M. Snoke
blankTodd C. Snovel '06
blankDr. Roger J. Stopkie and Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie
blankGlenda J. Synodinos
blankEdwin D. Tenney and Bonnie C. (Cunningham) Tenney '96
blankDr. Joshua G. Tice and Dr. Lisa N. Tice and Family

a gift of $60-$99
blankDavid Adams and Mary Kopala
blankJames D. Brubaker and Linda Brubaker
blankMark Bucher P'14 and Jasmine A. (Ammons) Bucher '97, M'11, P'14
blankJohn Esser and Jamie Esser on behalf of the Allenberry Cancer Benefit
blankPhilip H. Feather, Esq., '60 and Judith K. (Kline) Feather '62
blankTilman R. Frye '67, P'84, P'85, P'90 and Nancy K. (Kettering) Frye '80, P'84, P'85, P'90
blankWalter F. Fullam '80, P'07 and Deborah R. (Reimer) Fullam '81, P'07
blankMatthew L. George and Katherine E. George
blankDavid Grindle and Robin O'Bryan
blankWalter Haber and Barbara J. Haber
blankCharles V. Henry III, Esq. and Jean D. Henry
blankRobert Hoffman P'15 and Dr. Sherrie Feldman P'15
blankRodney Hubler and Ruth A. Hubler
blankPatrick J. Kerwin P'03 and Pamela A. Kerwin P'03
blankPatrick O. Kerwin and Megan E. Kerwin
blankDr. David W. Lyons P'13 and Maria B. Howe P'13
blankH. Glenn Manning and Margaret Manning on behalf of Pinnacle Health Auxiliary
blankPhilip G. Morgan P'95 and Susan Morgan P'95
blankTed Pinca P'03, P'09, P'10 and Ann K. (Pitt) Pinca '10, P'03, P'09, P'10
blankMichael C. Pittari and Karen R. Beall
blankDave Powell and Chery Capitani
blankGeorge J. Reitbauer and Deborah A. Reitbauer
blankFred Richter and Tanya T. Richter
blankWalter N. Robertson and Nancy B. Robertson
blankRichard Shull and Ann W. Shull
blankDoris J. (Wilt) Silva '97
blankMorton Spector H'02, P'79 and Alyce Spector P'79
blankLaMar L. Stutzman and Elizabeth Stutzman
blankDr. Dale E. Summers and Linda L. Summers
blankDr. Kathleen A. Tacelosky and Marisela Chaplin
blankDr. Grant D. Taylor and Victoria E. (Kerwin) Taylor '03 and Family
blankDr. Robert T. Valgenti and Tina Valgenti
blankThomas W. Weik '64 and Donna D. (Ditzler) Weik '72
blankGary R. Wildasin and Sally A. Pulice
blankJeffrey H. Wiles and Elizabeth J. Wiles
blankRobert Willis and Janet E. Willis
blankDr. Allan F. Wolfe and Juliana M. Wolfe

a gift of $35-$59
blankKristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D., '74
blankIrene W. Appleyard
blankEileen S. Beazley '10
blankEva S. Bender
blankMaureen A. (Anderson) Bentz '00
blankHelen L. Bernat
blankHarvey J. Bomberger
blankMarie G. Bongiovanni
blankMary Lou Bongiovi
blankJames K. Brandt '66
blankBarbara K. Bross
blankC. Ann Brugger
blankJ. Matthew Cecil M'10 and Jamie N. (Deck) Cecil M'07
blankDr. Michael Clapper and Dr. Amelia F. Rauser
blankGerald A. Collins
blankFrederick W. Flickinger
blankDr. Arthur L. Ford Jr. '59 and Mary Ellen Ford
blankDr. Robert E. Hamilton P'92 and Judith C. Hamilton P'92
blankMallory E. Hane '08
blankPat Hartranft
blankHelene E. Harvey '67
blankJames R. Heckman
blankJohn J. Heenan '12
blankTimothy D. Huggins and Suzanne E. Huggins
blankDr. Diane E. Johnson
blankNaomi K. Keeney
blankLois J. (Johns) Keiter, R.N., B.S.N., '72
blankJustine J. Kreifels
blankDr. David I. Lasky P'86 and Ann Lasky P'86
blankSteve Layser and Janet E. Layser
blankWillard L. Light '57
blankPaul A. Lundeen and Mary J. Lundeen
blankJeremy A. Maisto
blankVanessa D. Marinkov '05
blankDr. Mark L. Mecham and Patsy T. Mecham
blankAlexandra J. Olexy
blankDavid M. Pappariella and Tammy L. Pappariella
blankKathleen Piunti
blankDavid E. Pleet and Lynn Pleet
blankDiana L. (Leedy) Reilly '91
blankDr. Jacob L. Rhodes '43, P'87
blankMarie E. Riegle-Kinch
blankGail A. Sanderson
blankCharles W. Schatzman III M'96
blankLouise Schellenberg
blankMichael J. Schroeder
blankCatherine Stone on behalf of the Allenberry Cancer Benefit
blankDebra Strausbaugh
blankEvalyn M. Strickler '39
blankMarie H. Tousley
blankMarta K. Trainer '10
blankRosemary E. Troebliger
blankLawrence Von Barann
blankPatricia L. (Lutz) Walter '57, P'85, P'91
blankKatharine Whitner
blankNancy B. Williams
blankJoan S. Wolf
blankMelvin H. Wolf
blankEileen Young

Other Contributors
Ann M. Bernecker P'14