2013 Senior Gift Drive

The Senior Class Gift Drive provides an opportunity for seniors to join with alumni in support of the College. This year, nearly 20% of the Class of 2013 participated, pledging $1,474.00 to the Class of 2013 Scholarship. The Class of 2013 Scholarship is an annual scholarship that will be awarded to a student who demonstrates financial need, is active in leadership and volunteerism activities, and is in good academic standing.

blankMs. Kate E. Anderson '13
blankMr. Edward J. Beall '13
blankMs. Laura B. Blacker '13
blankMs. Julia Blackley '13
blankMr. Erik J. Brandt '13
blankMs. Hannah E. Cackovic '13
blankMrs. Noemi Carrera '13
blankMs. Madeline M. Cox '13, '15
blankMr. Tyler D. Eberly '13
blankMs. Kira M. Echeandia '13
blankMr. Joseph E. Forro '14
blankMs. Talia K. Frantz '13
blankMs. Jamie L. Frye '13
blankMs. Lauren E. Fulmer '13
blankMs. Katalyn R. Funk '13
blankMr. Alex D. Gamble '13
blankMs. Mary R. Gardner '13
blankMr. William J. Gardner '13
blankMr. Nathan K. Hepler '13
blankMs. Kelsie N. Hepner '13, '15
blankMs. Sarah E. Herb '13
blankMs. Brittany A. Herr '13
blankMs. Mary M. Herster
blankMr. Christopher R. Hippeli '13
blankMs. Jacquelyn M. Hoover '13
blankMr. Michael M. Howard '13
blankMs. Darcie R. Jenkins '13
blank Ms. Heidi M. Keene '13
blankMs. Nahed S. Khalil '13
blankMs. Sheryl Ann C. Klus '13
blankMs. Leigha M. La Tourette '13
blankMs. Maurissa A. Laudeman '13
blankMs. Caitlin E. Lee '13
blankMs. Caitlyn M. Light '12
blankMr. Oliver D. Lyons '13
blankMr. John T. Makatche '13
blankMs. Kirsten R. Martzall '13
blankMr. Michael J. Mellon III '13
blankMr. Ryan M. Merwine '13
blankMr. Shane D. Miller '13
blankMs. Michelle L. Nolt '13, '15
blankMs. Rickie Norton
blankMs. Kelly E. Palmquist '13
blankMs. Lacy M. Phillips '13
blankMs. Erin E. Pruett '13
blankMr. Dylan D. Reed '13
blankMs. Steffani L. Secola '13, '15
blankMr. Alexander L. Simms '13
blankMr. Anthony M. Sinico '13
blankMs. Allyson M. Stengel '13
blankMs. Suzanne P. Sullivan '13
blankMr. Andrew D. Suprock '13
blankMr. Matthew M. Topping '13
blankMr. Nicholas H. Toth '13
blankMs. Katherine M. Wagner '13
blankMs. Jordan L. Weaver '13
blankMr. Christopher Weber '13
blankMs. Elise C. Wysocki '13
blankMr. Jeff S. Yorgey '13
blankMs. Jennifer Zeller '13