Membership in the Vickroy Society is open to all alumni and friends of the College on an annual basis. The Society recognizes gifts of $1,000 and above given to the College for any purpose during each academic year. Membership is available in the following categories:

Lifetime Vickroy Associates
Provisional Lifetime Vickroy Associates
Trustees Associates
Five Founders Circle
President's Circle
The 1866 Circle
Society Associates
Vickroy GOLD Society
Corporations, Foundations,
and Organizations

Note: Active memberships may be fulfilled with gifts of cash, securities, real estate, or other property. This Honor Roll recognizes Vickroy Society members whose gifts were made during the academic year July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012, and includes annual, capital, and endowment gifts.

The Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society

Lebanon Valley College has been shaping the lives of students for more than 145 years with help from those who believe, like our founding president Thomas Rhys Vickroy, in its mission of service through knowledge.

Alumni and friends who are members of the Vickroy Society demonstrate outstanding leadership in support of Lebanon Valley College. During the past academic year, Vickroy Society members provided more than $1.3 million in financial resources for College programs, and 54 percent of all contributions to the Valley.

Lifetime Vickroy Associates
Recognizes those whose cumulative lifetime giving totals $100,000 or more
blankMr. Mac Aichele and Mrs. Shirley J. (Jacobs) Aichele '59
blankMr. Arthur E. Arnold II
blankDr. E. H. Arnold H'87 and Dr. Jeanne Donlevy Arnold H'08
blankDr. Suzanne H. Arnold H'96
blankDr. Elizabeth M. (Miller) Bains '64
deceasedMrs. Sylvia E. (Evelev) Baker '36
blankMrs. Anne B. Bashore
deceasedMr. John E. Bex anddeceasedMrs. Jeanne R. Bex
blankMs. Katherine J. Bishop and Mr. Bruce W. Kreider
deceasedMr. Vernon Bishop and deceasedMrs. Doris Bishop
blankMr. Edward D. Breen and Mrs. Lynn Breen
blankDr. Nancy H. Bright '50
blankMr. Donald L. Burkholder '54 and deceasedMrs. Phyllis B. (Barnhart) Burkholder '53
deceasedMrs. Hannah Sachs Cantor
deceasedDr. D. Clark Carmean H'85 anddeceasedDr. Edna J. (Jenkins) Carmean '59, H'85
deceasedMr. Robert U. Cassel '36, P'64 and Mrs. Carol Cassel
blankMrs. Jeanne B. (Bozarth) Cleaver '50
deceasedMrs. Marian E. (Heaps) Cote '30
blankMrs. Betty R. (Rutherford) Daiber '41
blankMrs. Curvin N. Dellinger Jr. P'75, P'77, P'85
deceasedMrs. Ella Mae Dellinger P'62
blankMr. Ronald J. Drnevich and Mrs. Mary Katherine Drnevich
blankMr. Gary D. Eisenberger '58 and Mrs. Gail C. Eisenberger
blankDr. Ross W. Fasick '55, H'03 and Mrs. Betty L. Fasick
deceasedDr. Eugene C. Fish H'82 and Mrs. Marjorie S. Fish
blankMr. John M. Galat '67 and Mrs. Ellen G. Galat
deceasedMr. Darwin G. Glick '58 and Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Speicher) Glick '58
blankDr. Martin L. Gluntz '53 and Mrs. Karen M. (McHenry) Gluntz '82
blankMrs. Colleen C. (Clemens) Harris '74
blankDr. Ned D. Heindel '59, H'85 and Dr. Linda H. (Heefner) Heindel '59
blankMr. Eugene D. Heisey and deceasedMrs. Blanche Heisey
blankMr. Lloyd R. Helt Jr., Esq., '70 and Ms. Ruth C. Gray
blankDr. Rex A. Herbert '72 and Mrs. Lisa Herbert
deceasedMr. Philip C. Herr Sr. anddeceasedMrs. Philip C. Herr
blankMrs. M. Louise (Hackman) Hess '78
blank*Dr. William R. Higgins ’64 and Judith B. (Baker) Higgins ‘64
blankMr. Steven J. Holsinger and Mrs. Wendie D. Holsinger
blankMr. John F. Jurasits Jr. P'03 and Mrs. Deborah R. Jurasits P'03
blankMr. Malcolm L. Lazin '65
blankMr. Kenneth F. Leedy P'92 and Mrs. Linda Leedy P'92
blankMr. William Lehr Jr. and Mrs. Beverlee Lehr
blankDr. Donald W. Lesher H'00 and Mrs. Nancy O. Lesher
blankMr. Richard L. London '65
blankMr. Ted Lyter '71
blankDr. William J. McGill H'98 and Mrs. Ellen B. McGill
deceasedMr. Roy J. McMindes anddeceasedMrs. Prudence McMindes
deceasedDr. Stephen J. Metro '43
blankDr. Daniel K. Meyer '81 and Mr. Frederick R. Haas
deceasedMr. Peter S. Miller and Mrs. Lois B. (Brong) Miller '61
blankMrs. Virginia C. Miller P'80
deceasedMr. James A. Mitchell Jr. '58 anddeceasedMrs. Louise Mitchell
blankMr. George R. Moyer '69
deceasedDr. Allan W. Mund H'66
deceasedDr. H. Anthony Neidig '43, H'04, P'73 and Mrs. Helen T. Neidig P'73
blankMr. Clair W. Noll '55 and Mrs. Jeanne C. (Winter) Noll '57
deceasedDr. J. Robert O'Donnell anddeceasedDr. Agnes M. O'Donnell
blankMr. Bernard J. Penturelli '48 and Mrs. Martha M. (Miller) Penturelli '49
blankMr. Thomas E. Philips and Mrs. Marcia W. Philips
deceasedMrs. Rhea P. Reese
blankMr. George M. Reider '63 and Mrs. Carol A. Reider
blankDr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, H'97 and Mrs. Polly A. (Risser) Reinhart '57
blankMr. Bruce R. Rismiller '59 and Mrs. Janet B. (Blank) Rismiller '59
blankMr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 and Mrs. Janet L. (Gessner) Roberts '68
deceasedMr. Richard K. Rohland anddeceased Mrs. Ruth A. Rohland
deceasedDr. F. Allen Rutherford Jr. '37, H'85 anddeceasedMrs. M. Ann Rutherford
blankDr. Frederick P. Sample '52, H'06 and Mrs. Mary Jane Sample
blankMr. George D. Shaak '55
blankDr. Tibor Sipos '64, P'89 and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Sipos P'89
blankMr. Frank Rupp Sourbeer '72
deceasedMr. Earl J. Spangler '48 and Mrs. Trudy Spangler
blankDr. Morton Spector H'02 and Mrs. Alyce Spector
deceasedMrs. Elaine F. (Frock) Stepanek '48
blankMr. Nicholas Streeter '76
deceasedMr. E. Peter Strickler '47 and deceasedMrs. Mary Jean Strickler
deceasedMrs. Anne B. Sweigart
deceasedDr. John A. Synodinos H'96 and Mrs. Glenda J. Synodinos
blankMrs. Amelia Troutman P'84
deceasedDr. Samuel D. Ulrich '33 anddeceasedMrs. Evelyn L. Ulrich
deceasedHon. John A. Walter '53, P'85, P'91 and Mrs. Patricia L. (Lutz) Walter '57, P'85, P'91
blankMrs. Marian M. (Marcus) Warden '57
blankMr. Ronald B. Weinel '58 and Mrs. Dorothy A. Weinel
blankDr. Elizabeth K. (Kreiser) Weisburger '44, H'89
blankMr. Harlan R. Wengert H'87 and Mrs. Nancy N. Wengert
deceasedDr. E. D. Williams Jr. H'88, P'76 and Mrs. Nancy Jane Williams P'76
blankMr. Samuel A. Willman '67 and Mrs. Elaine J. (Joy) Willman '68
blankMr. Gerald S. Wingenroth '58
blank*Dr. Ralph E. Yingst '55
blankHarry B. Yost, Esq., '62 and Mrs. Carol A. (Smith) Yost '62
blankMr. Richard A. Zimmerman H'92 and Mrs. Nancy C. (Cramer) Zimmerman '53

Provisional Lifetime Vickroy Associates
Recognizes those who execute a pledge instrument that will, when completed within a seven-year period of time, bring them to $100,000 lifetime giving
blank*Mr. James G. Glasgow Jr. ’81 and Mrs. Patricia A. Glasgow
blankDr. Stephen C. MacDonald and Ms. Mary C. Warner
blankJohn S. Oyler, Esq., and Ms. Gail C. Faulkner
blankDr. Lynn G. (Garrett) Phillips '68 and Dr. Edward L. Phillips
blankElyse E. Rogers, Esq., '76

Trustee Associates
A gift of $10,000 and above
blank10Dr. E. H. Arnold H'87 and Dr. Jeanne Donlevy Arnold H'08
blank20Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold H'96 and Mr. Ronald Schrotberger
blank25Dr. Elizabeth M. (Miller) Bains '64
blank5Mr. Joseph E. Buehler '89 and Mrs. Jennifer L. Buehler
blank5Mr. Geret P. DePiper '68 and Mrs. Theresa F. (Featherstone) DePiper '71
blank10Mr. Ronald J. Drnevich and Mrs. Mary Katherine Drnevich
deceasedblankMr. Stanley G. Eberly
blankblankMr. Kazuo Furukawa P'06 and Mrs. Kumiko Furukawa P'06
blank20Mr. John M. Galat '67 and Mrs. Ellen G. Galat
blankblankMr. James G. Glasgow Jr. '81 and Mrs. Patricia A. Glasgow
blank5Mr. Larry Q. Hall '61 and Mrs. Sandra K. Hall
blank25Mrs. Colleen C. (Clemens) Harris '74 and Mr. Loy H. Harris
blank25Lloyd R. Helt Jr., Esq., '70 and Ms. Ruth C. Gray
blank20Dr. William R. Higgins '64 and Mrs. Judith B. (Baker) Higgins '64
blank5Mr. Steven J. Holsinger and Mrs. Wendie D. Holsinger
deceased10Ms. Barbara G. Johnson '58
blankblankMr. John F. Jurasits Jr. P'03 and Mrs. Deborah R. Jurasits P'03
deceasedblankMs. Judith A. Kressler '61
blank25Mr. P. Ted Lyter '71
blankblankMrs. Lois B. (Brong) Miller '61
deceasedblankDr. Agnes M. O'Donnell
blank5John S. Oyler, Esq., and Ms. Gail C. Faulkner
blank5Dr. Lynn G. (Garrett) Phillips '68 and Dr. Edward L. Phillips
blank25Dr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58, H'97 and Mrs. Polly A. (Risser) Reinhart '57
blank25Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller '59 and Mrs. Janet L. (Blank) Rismiller '59
blank20Mr. Stephen H. Roberts '65 and Mrs. Janet L. (Gessner) Roberts '68
blank5Elyse E. Rogers, Esq., '76
blank25Dr. Morton Spector H'02, P'79 and Mrs. Alyce Spector P'79
blank15Mr. David P. Stover '91 and Mrs. Tracey A. (Smith) Stover '91
blank10Mrs. Amelia Troutman P'84
blank10Dr. Elizabeth K. (Kreiser) Weisburger '44, H'89
blank25Mr. Harlan R. Wengert H'87 and Mrs. Nancy N. Wengert
deceasedblankMr. William Wertz '50
blank25Mr. Samuel A. Willman '67 and Mrs. Elaine J. (Joy) Willman '68
blankblankDr. Ralph E. Yingst '55
blank25Mr. Richard A. Zimmerman H'92 and Mrs. Nancy C. (Cramer) Zimmerman '53

Five Founders Circle
A gift of $5,000 to $9,999
blank15Mr. Mac Aichele and Mrs. Shirley J. (Jacobs) Aichele '59
blankblankDr. Howard L. Applegate P'85 and Mrs. Shelby C. (Coons) Applegate '96, P'85
blankblankMr. Edward D. Breen and Mrs. Lynn M. Breen
blank25Dr. Nancy H. Bright '50
blank15Bernerd A. Buzgon, Esq., '59 and Mrs. Marcia B. Buzgon
blank20Ms. Hazel A. Davis '57
blank15Mr. Anthony M. DeMarco '70 and Mrs. Cynthia E. DeMarco
blank15Mr. Warren D. Ditzler '68 and Mrs. Carol E. (Edgecomb) Ditzler '68
blankblankMrs. Susanne H. (Harley) Dombrowski, C.P.A., '83
blankblankMr. Jayanth J. Franklin '97
blank10Dr. Robert E. Harbaugh '74 and Dr. Kimberly S. Harbaugh
blankblankMr. Kenneth E. Hess and Mrs. M. Louise (Hackman) Hess '78
blank5Mr. Eric L. Himelright M'98 and Mrs. Amy Himelright
blank25Mr. George J. King '68 and Mrs. Eileen King
blankblankMr. John D. Lanese '61
blank10Mr. Malcolm L. Lazin '65
blank15Mr. William Lehr Jr. and Mrs. Beverlee Lehr
blank15Dr. Stephen C. MacDonald and Ms. Mary C. Warner
blank5Mr. Paul S. Manubay P'11 and Mrs. Carol P. Manubay P'11
blank20Dr. Carroll L. Missimer '76, '79 and Mrs. Linda L. Missimer
blankblankDr. Malik N. Momin '83
blank15Mrs. Helen T. Neidig P'73
blank25Mr. Clair W. Noll '55 and Mrs. Jeanne C. (Winter) Noll '57
blankblankMs. Dorothy M. Peoples
blankblankMr. Daniel P. Post '99 and Mrs. Allison E. (Henry) Post '98, '00
blank10Mr. Thomas V. Quinn '56
blank25Mr. George M. Reider Jr. '63 and Mrs. Carol A. Reider
blankblankMr. Richard H. Rotz '63
blank15Mr. George D. Shaak '55
blank25Dr. Tibor Sipos '64, P'89 and Mrs. Elizabeth J. Sipos P'89
blankblankMr. Frank R. Sourbeer '72 and Mrs. Diane Sourbeer
blank20Mr. John J. Stouffer '60 and Mrs. Sandra S. (Stetler) Stouffer '62
blank10Mr. Nicholas Streeter '76
blankblankDr. Perry J. Troutman
blankblankMr. Ryan H. Tweedie '93
blank5Mr. Robert L. Unger '69, P'98, P'08 and Dr. Elizabeth R. (Robinson) Unger '72, P'98, P'08
blank25Mrs. Joan G. (Gilbert) Wengert '53 and Mr. Clifford J. Wengert
blank25Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth '58

President's Circle
A gift of $2,500 to $4,999
blank20Dr. John B. Allwein '56
blank25Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D., '74
blank10Mrs. Barbara J. (Macaw) Atkinson '67
blank20Dr. Loy C. Awkerman '50 and Mrs. Rose Marie (Root) Awkerman '49
blank10Mrs. Anne B. Bashore
blank10Ms. Katherine J. Bishop and Mr. Bruce W. Kreider
blank5Mr. Paul W. Brockie '80
blank20Mr. Richard F. Charles and Mrs. Pauline C. Charles
blank5Mrs. Andrea J. (Davino) Danch '81
blank25Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger '75, P'05 and Mrs. Amy K. (Hoopes) Dellinger '78, P'05
blank15Mr. Woodrow S. Dellinger Jr. '62
blank5Carroll E. Ditzler, D.D.S., '58 and Mrs. Jean V. Ditzler
blank5Mr. Frank J. Dixon
blank10Mrs. Marjorie S. Fish
blankblankMr. Louis J. Fitzpatrick III '81 and Dr. Susan L. (Smith) Fitzpatrick '80
blank25Mr. Walter F. Fullam '80, P'07 and Mrs. Deborah R. (Reimer) Fullam '81, P'07
blankblankDr. Michael R. Green
blank25Dr. Judith F. (Fonken) Grem '72
blank25Mr. Jensen H. Groff Jr. '70 and Mrs. Linda H. Groff
blank5Dr. Jonathan Grote '79
blank25Mrs. Estelle B. (Berger) Hartranft '59
blank25Dr. Ned D. Heindel '59, H'85 and Dr. Linda H. (Heefner) Heindel '59
blank10The Rev. Jack R. Hoffman '58 and Mrs. Jean H. (Henninger) Hoffman '58
blank25Dr. Betty C. (Criswell) Hungerford '54, H'09
blank15Mr. Robert E. Johns Jr. '75 and Mrs. Holly Johns
blank25Dr. William G. Jones '50
blankblankRobert M. Kline, M.D., '50, '72 and Mrs. Ann R. Kline
blank25Mrs. Margaret A. (Weinert) Kramer '63
blankblankCapt. Alfred J. Kreiser '61
blank5Mrs. Theresa A. (Rachuba) Leatherbury '86
blank25Dr. Donald W. Lesher Jr. H'00 and Mrs. Nancy O. Lesher
blank5Dr. Francis T. Lichtner Jr. '75
blank20Mr. Richard L. London '65
blank25Mrs. Nancy M. (McCullough) Longnecker '72
blank25Mrs. Rufina B. (Balmer) Marquette '51
blank25Dr. William J. McGill H'98 and Mrs. Ellen B. McGill
blank15Mrs. Louise B. Metka P'84
blank10Mr. Carl E. Miller '65, P'89 and Mrs. Bonita G. Miller P'89
blank25Mr. Thomas G. Myers '83
blankblankMr. Robert A. Neubert '82
blank20Mrs. Edith K. (Kreiser) Probus '46
blank20Mr. Robert A. Riley and Mrs. Brenda M. Riley
blank20Mr. Frank A. Ritrievi '54 and Dr. Gail E. (Edgar) Ritrievi '54
blank10Mrs. Mary M. (Mehaffey) Roth '43
blank5Ms. Linda S. Rothermel '69
blank5Dr. David V. Rudd and Mrs. Shirley Rudd
blank5Dr. Frederick P. Sample '52, H'06 and Mrs. Mary Jane Sample
blankblankMr. John A. Schoch Jr. '72, P'14 and Mrs. Jamie L. Schoch P'14
blank25Dr. James W. Scott P'97 and Mrs. Carolyn B. Scott P'97
blankblankMr. James Seaton P'15 and Mrs. Carolyn V. Seaton P'15
blankblankMr. Poh F. See '97
blank5Mr. James G. Stoltzfus '81 and Mrs. Karen E. (Veigel) Stoltzfus '81
blank20Mr. Edwin D. Tenney and Mrs. Bonnie C. (Cunningham) Tenney '96
blank5David G. Thompson, Ph.D., '65 and Mrs. Elaine B. (Brenner) Thompson '67
blank25Mr. Brian C. Trust '83
blank5Mr. L. Nelson Umble '60 and Mrs. Marian B. Umble
blankblankDr. Abdurrahman Unal and Mrs. Donalee Unal '11
blank15Mr. John C. Vaszily '66 and Mrs. Diane A. (Aldinger) Vaszily '67
blank20Ms. Lynette E. Waller '55
blank25Ms. Beverly A. Walp '58
blank15Mr. Leonard Washington Jr. P'86 and Dr. Albertine Washington H'91, P'86
blank20Mr. Ronald B. Weinel '58 and Mrs. Dorothy A. Weinel
blank25Dr. Allan F. Wolfe and Mrs. Juliana M. Wolfe
blank25Bishop Joseph H. Yeakel '49, H'68 and Mrs. Lois J. (Shank) Yeakel '49
blank25Harry B. Yost, Esq., '62 and Mrs. Carol A. (Smith) Yost '62
blank5Ms. Rosemary Yuhas

The 1866 Circle
A gift of $1,866 to $2,499
blank20Mr. Kevin M. Adler M'99 and Mrs. Shanna G. Adler
blank10Mr. Charles B. Allwein '64
blank15Mr. James R. Atkins and Mrs. Deborah L. Atkins
blank5Capt. Charles D. Bolan '48 and Ms. Anna L. Light '51
blank5Dr. Lewis W. Bowman '50 and Mrs. Erla M. Bowman
blankblankDr. J. Patrick Brewer
blank5Mr. Terence C. Brown '78
blank10Mrs. Patricia D. (Davis) Bullock '62, P'95, P'97
blank25Mr. Donald L. Burkholder '54 anddeceasedMrs. Phyllis B. (Barnhart) Burkholder '53
blank5Mr. J. Matthew Cecil M'10 and Mrs. Jamie N. (Deck) Cecil M'07
blank15Mr. G. Stuart Close '65
blank10Mr. Robert J. Dillane '77 and Mrs. Deborah M. (Madeira) Dillane '77
blank25Dr. Herbert Fields '54 and Mrs. Susan E. Fields
blank10Dr. Hiram E. Fitzgerald '62 and Mrs. Dolores K. (Koncar) Fitzgerald '63
blank25Dr. Arthur L. Ford Jr. '59 and Mrs. Mary Ellen Ford
blank10Mrs. Nancy M. (Meyer) Gingrich '49
blank10Ms. Jayanne N. (Hogate) Hayward '01
blank10Dr. Rex A. Herbert '72 and Mrs. Lisa Herbert
blank5Dr. Paula K. Hess '69
blank15Gregory J. Hessinger, Esq., '87
blank5Mr. Gregory A. High '92
blank5Mr. William Hissner and Mrs. Linda J. (Weber) Hissner '62
blank25Mr. Sidney L. Hofing '56
blank25Dr. Michael P. Hottenstein '58
blankblankMrs. Dorothy J. Jennings-Williams '04
blank25Dr. John P. Kearney and blankMrs. Carol J. Kearney
blankblankMr. Kenneth C. Kuehn '86 and Mrs. Barbara L. (Long) Kuehn '86
blank10Mrs. Lisa S. (Burke) Lee '93
blank10Mrs. Nancy L. (Watson) Mahoney '62 and Mr. Donald L. Mahoney
blank20Frederic J. Marsik, Ph.D., '65 and Mrs. Pamelia Marsik
blankblankMs. Joyce E. Martin '60
blank15Mr. James M. McArdle '57, P'83 and Mrs. Selina H. (Hill) McArdle '61, P'83
blank15Mr. Joseph C. Mesics and Mrs. Sandra B. Mesics
blankblankDr. Owen A. Moe Jr. and Mrs. Kathleen Moe
blank10Dr. Glenn A. Moser '65
blankblankMr. Chester Q. Mosteller '75 and Mrs. Janet C. Mosteller
blank10Mr. George R. Moyer '69
blank5Mr. Stephen M. Nelson '84, P'12 and Dr. Deborah D. (Detwiler) Nelson '84, P'12
blank25Dr. Richard C. Reed '66
blank25Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes '43, P'87
blank10Dr. Jeffrey J. Ritchie and Mrs. Jessica B. (Bostdorf) Ritchie '99, M'06
blankblankDaniel L. Robey, Esq., '72
blank20Mr. Charles J. Sault and Mrs. Cheryl D. (Green) Sault '84
blank10Mrs. Karen A. (Lewis) Schmitt '80
blankblankDr. C. Richard Schott '67, P'95, P'98 and Mrs. Judith Schott P'95, P'98
blank5Mr. Thomas I. Siegel '76, P'06, P'08, P'11, P'16 and Mrs. Linda R. Siegel P'06, P'08, P'11, P'16
blank5Mr. Robert H. Sinclair and Mrs. Jean S. Sinclair
blank5Mr. Todd C. Snovel '06
blank5Mr. William J. Sponaugle and Mrs. Carol Sponaugle
blank15Mrs. Joan H. Squires '79
deceased25Mr. Gregory G. Stanson '63, P'92, P'95 and Mrs. Doris Stanson
blank15Mrs. Carol A. (Bronson) Steiner '61
blank10Dr. Dale E. Summers and Mrs. Linda L. Summers
blank20Mr. Daniel S. Sweigart '77
blank5Dr. Dennis W. Sweigart '63
blank25Mrs. Glenda J. Synodinos
blank10Mr. J. Kenneth Thomas Jr. '68, P'99 and Mrs. Mary (D'Anna) Thomas '68, P'99
blank15 Mr. Frank X. Troisi and Mrs. Brenda B. (Brown) Troisi '62
blank25Mrs. Patricia L. (Lutz) Walter '57, P'85, P'91
blank10Mrs. Marian M. (Marcus) Warden '57
blank15Mr. Robert M. Weissman
blank5Mrs. Patricia S. Wiedeke '49
blank25Dr. J. Dennis Williams H'90 and Mrs. M. Lenore Williams
blank5Dr. David Willoughby '55
blankblankDr. Kenneth F. Yarnall and Dr. Mary K. Pettice
blank15Mr. James H. Zimmerman '64, P'91

Society Associates
A gift of $1,000 to $1,865
blankblankMr. Justin L. Albert '05
blank10Mr. H. William Alsted '65
blankblankMs. Carolyn S. Anderson
blank20Mrs. Jennifer E. (Crouter) Arthur '80
blank10Mr. Richard L. Beard '90, M'92 and Mrs. Lisa M. (Henry) Beard '93
blank10Ms. Anne M. Berry
blank25Mr. Kenneth S. Berry '67, P'94
blankblankDr. John W. Betlyon
blank10Mr. James R. Biery '70
blankblankMr. Rick Bigelow
blankblankMr. Alfred L. Blessing '45
blankblankDr. Michael E. Brown '76, P'03 and Mrs. Sherry T. (Etter) Brown '77, P'03
blank25Mr. William J. Brown Jr. '79, P'07 and Mrs. Donna M. Brown P'07
blank15The Rev. Norman B. Bucher '50 and Mrs. Janet E. (Eppley) Bucher '50
blankblankMr. John E. Byler and Mrs. Judy Byler
blank15Mr. Anthony Calabrese '73 and Mrs. Kathy N. (Neidig) Calabrese '73
blank15Mr. Jerome C. Chepulis and Mrs. Faye A. Chepulis
blank25Dr. Salvatore S. Cullari and Mrs. Kathryn Cullari
blank5Mr. Donald DeBenedett '54
blankblankMr. Bruce R. Decker '69 and Mrs. Leslie B. (Bair) Decker '69
blankblankDr. John B. Dickenson '76
blankblankDr. Robert E. Enck '67, P'03 and Mrs. Martha Y. Enck P'03
blank5Mr. Walter S. Frankowski Jr. '73
blankblankMr. Daniel H. Fraunfelter '50
blankblankMrs. Joanne G. (Grubb) Gain '59
blankblankMr. Todd M. Gamble '98
blankblankMr. Stephen Gegg and Mrs. Diane P. Gegg
blank25Mr. Donald S. Gingrich '52
blank10Mr. William C. Gingrich '65
blankblankDr. James K. Graby '59 and Mrs. Janice W. (Weaber) Graby '59
blankblankMr. Howard R. Greenawalt and Mrs. Laurie S. Greenawalt
blank5Mr. Richard M. Harris and Mrs. Sukey Harris
blankblankMrs. Doris C. (Cortright) Heck '54
blank20Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh '58 and Mrs. Helen F. (Felty) Heidelbaugh '90
blankblankMr. Todd L. Herring P'13, P'14 and Mrs. Donna M. Herring P'13, P'14
blank5Dr. Russel C. Hertzog '64
blank5Mr. Frederick R. Heverling P'08
blank10Dr. Edward J. Hilton '78 and Mrs. Dorothy A. Hilton
deceased25Mrs. Ruth K. (Keene) Hostetter '39
blank15Dr. W. Jeffrey Hurst P'95, P'95 and Mrs. Deborah J. (Degenhart) Hurst '84, P'95, P'95
blankblankMrs. Judith T. (Thomas) Imler '60
blank10Mrs. Melissa H. (Howard) Jimeno '96
blank25Dr. John W. Jones '72 and Mrs. Gail P. (Peters) Jones '76
blank10Mr. John J. Jones '99
blank15Mr. James W. Jones and Mrs. Susan S. (Sarisky) Jones '92
blankblankMs. Jo H. Kiefer
blank25Mr. William H. Kiick '57, P'97 and Mrs. R. Lynne Kiick P'97
blankblankDr. Donald E. Kline '66 and Mrs. Susan J. (Shue) Kline '70
blankblankMr. Thomas J. Knapp '63
blank5Mrs. Wanda P. (Price) Koehler '38
blank5Mr. Gregory H. Krikorian and Mrs. Mary Krikorian
blank5Mr. R. Lee Kunkel '57 and Mrs. Rosalind H. (Horn) Kunkel '60
blankblankMr. Kenneth F. Leedy P'92 and Mrs. Linda Leedy P'92
blank5Mr. Carl R. Lehman
blank15Mr. Willard L. Light '57
blankblankMr. Donald C. MacGowan '66
blank5Ms. Karen L. Mackrides '87
blankblankMr. Robert J. McGrorty '82
blank20Dr. Mark L. Mecham and Mrs. Patsy T. Mecham
blankblankDr. Mardia Melroy '52
blankblankMr. Seth A. Mendelsohn M'10 and Mrs. Amy J. Mendelsohn
blank25Mr. Larry M. Mentzer '59
blank10Dr. Gary D. Miller '71
blank15Mr. John C. Moeckel '78
blankblankMr. Patrick T. Moran
blank25Mr. Ronald J. Mosemann '57 and Mrs. Geraldine S. (Sheaffer) Mosemann '57
blank5Mrs. Janet Neiswender P'79, P'82
blank25Dr. James R. Newcomer '68, P'94 and Mrs. Janice E. Newcomer P'94
blankblankDr. John D. Norton III and Mrs. Phyllis L. Norton
blankblankDr. Joseph C. Pennington '87 and Mrs. Terri A. (Grant) Pennington '87
blankblankMr. David E. Phillips
blankblankMs. Judith Phillips
blankblankMr. Robert J. Phillips
blank10Mr. David E. Pleet and Mrs. Lynn Pleet
blank5 Mr. R. Scott Porter and Mrs. Sharon J. (DeBoer) Porter '87
blankblankMrs. Gail F. (Fox) Reeder '74
blank15Mrs. Diana L. (Leedy) Reilly '91
blankblankDr. George A. Reiner '86
blank25Mr. Michael D. Rhoads '75
blankblankMr. Elliott Robinson and Mrs. Jeannette Robinson
blankblankMrs. Beatrice L. Roth P'77
blankblankMr. Joseph R. Rotunda '85 and Mrs. Terri R. (Roach) Rotunda '85
blank5Ms. Gail A. Sanderson
blank10Dr. Craig J. Sansonetti P'06 and Dr. Jean E. Sansonetti P'06
blankblankMr. Stuart G. Schoenly '68
blankblankMrs. Jane G. (Gruber) Seiverling '43
blankblankMr. Dennis L. Shalters and Mrs. Karen Shalters
blankblankMs. Mary Lynn B. Shegogue
blank5Dr. Samuel J. Shubrooks Jr. '61
blankblankKhristian D. Snyder, D.P.M., '93
blank10Mr. Michael T. Stamm '97 and Mrs. Jennifer P. (Pellegrino) Stamm '00
blankblankMr. Francis M. Stearn '67 and Mrs. Cheryl A. (Seacat) Stearn '68
blankblankMs. Kathryn P. Stephenson
blankblankDr. Cheryl A. Stoddart '79
blankblankMr. Mark T. Stout '77 and Mrs. Stephanie J. (Bond) Stout, C.S.E.P., '77
blank25Dr. Sterling F. Strause '52
blank15Mr. Thomas M. Strohman '75, P'08 and Mrs. Sherie A. (Warlow) Strohman '79, P'08
blank10Ms. Joan R. Taylor '68
blank15Mr. Merrill C. Thrush P'00, P'03 and Mrs. Barbara A. Thrush P'00, P'03
blank20Mr. Frank M. Timlin '69
blank25Dr. Dennis J. Tulli '69
blankblankMr. John J. Tus '80 and Mrs. Linda J. (Wilson) Tus '80
blank15Mr. Edward Vinarski '77
blank10Mr. John D. Wade '91
blank5Dr. Mary Louise (Young) Wagner '55
blank5Mr. Paul W. Wagner and Mrs. Sandra L. Wagner
blankblankMr. Thomas W. Weik '64 and Mrs. Donna D. (Ditzler) Weik '72
blank25Dr. H. Joshua Weiser Jr. '47 and Mrs. Frances W. (Workman) Weiser '46
blankblankMr. Bruce R. Wieder '65 and Mrs. Janet R. Wieder
blankblankMr. William T. Wolf and Mrs. Cornelia W. Wolf

Vickroy GOLD Society
Recognizes Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) as Vickroy Society members for a reduced amount dependent on the number of years since their graduation.
blankblankMr. Jacob F. Becker '11
blank5Ms. Christine E. Bennethum '02
blankblankMs. Kaitlyn A. Bush '11
blankblankMr. Thomas D. Busteed '09
blankblankMr. Curt D. Cenci '11 and Mrs. Amber N. (Keeseman) Cenci '11
blankblankMr. Jason A. Clay '04
blankblankMr. James A. Curran '07
blankblankMr. Daniel J. Dunkelberger '10
blank5Mr. Justin R. Engle '05
blankblankMs. Donna J. Geiger '08
blankblankMr. Jason M. Gigous '11
blankblankMr. Benjamin R. Graeff '11
blankblankMs. Alicia M. Gurdus '09
blankblankDr. Kyle R. Himmelreich '08, D'10
blankblankMr. Jon E. Hurst P'08, P'11 and Mrs. Sharon B. Hurst '06, P'08, P'11
blankblankMr. Daniel J. Kelly '07 and Dr. Jamie L. (Kovacs) Kelly '07, D'09
blankblankDr. Jillian F. Kline '08, D'10
blankblankMs. Miranda M. Klinger '11
blankblankMs. Amanda A. Knapp '09
blankblankMr. Jonathan D. Lintz '07
blankblankMr. Trey K. Little '09
blankblankMr. Durrell K. Martin '08
blankblankMr. Grant D. Martzall '07 and Mrs. Jennifer M. (Roberts) Martzall '07
blankblankMr. Charles F. McElwee III '11
blankblankMs. Megan B. McGrady '11
blankblankMr. David C. McLaughlin '10 and Mrs. Katie M. (Markey) McLaughlin '07
blankblankMs. Rachel A. Moore '08
blankblankMr. Andrew T. Moser '05
blankblankMr. Alan M. Newsome '07
blankblankDr. Lisa M. Niethamer '10, D'12
blank10Mr. Peter M. Progin '04 and Mrs. Cindy L. (Gingrich) Progin '04
blank5Mr. Alexander R. Reber '07 and Mr. Christopher C. Dietz
blankblankMr. Eric D. Ruppert '10 and Mrs. Michelle A. (Little) Ruppert '11
blankblankDr. Jason E. Scala '08, D'10
blankblankMr. Robert T. Schaeffer '07
blankblankMs. Shaylene R. Scheib '07
blankblankMs. Eryn L. Schultz '11, '12
blankblankMr. Samuel E. Shoemaker '11
blank5Mr. Michael J. Smith '02 and Mrs. Lauren D. (Baptista) Smith '02
blankblankMr. Jason T. Sneeringer '11
blankblankMr. David J. Sodl Jr. '08
blankblankMiss Jessica L. Swain '09
blankblankMr. Sean S. Tetreault '10
blankblankMr. Joseph A. Tomtishen '07
blankblankMr. Tyler S. Veverka '11
blankblankMr. Mitchell T. Waddell '05
blankblankMs. Alyssa M. Wargo '11
blankblankMr. Matthew S. Wischerth '11

Corporations, Foundations, and Organizations
blankblankACTEX Publications
blankblankAetna Foundation, Inc.
blankblankAmerican Endowment Foundation
blankblankblankThe Edward H. & Jeanne D. Arnold Foundation
blankblankASK Foods, Inc.
blankblankAssociation for Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania
blankblankAtkins Clan Transportation, Inc.
blankblankAtlantic Shores Corporation
blankblankThe Baltimore Community Foundation
blankblankblankThe Gray-Helt Family Fund
blankblankBlueScope Buildings North America, Inc.
blankblankM.A. Brightbill Body Works
blankblankMr. & Mrs. William F. Brossman Charitable Foundation
blankblankWilliam S. Bushnell Trust
blankblankCapital Blue Cross
blankblankCherry Tree Foot and Ankle Specialists PC
blankblankE. W. Coble Trust
blankblankCovidien Employee Matching Gift Program
blankblankDean Foods
blankblankThe Delta Kappa Gamma Society
blankblankExxonMobil Foundation
blankblankFava & Maria Eye Associates
blankblankFidelity Charitable Gift Fund
blankblankblankAnne B. Bashore Fund
blankblankFirst National Bank of Fredericksburg
blankblankThe Foundation for Enhancing Communities
blankblankblankJurasits Family Fund
blankblankblankBill and Beverlee Lehr Fund #2
blankblankblankDonald W. Lesher Jr. In and Out Fund
blankblankblankAlyce and Morton Spector Philanthropic Fund #2
blankblankblankMarian M. Warden Fund
blankblankFulton Bank-Lebanon Division
blankblankEllen Moyer Garber Trust
blankblankGE Foundation Matching Gift Center
blankblankGood Samaritan Health System
blankblankThe Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
blankblankThe Hartford
blankblankThe Hershey Company
blankblankHershey-Palmyra Sertoma Club
blankblankThe High Foundation
blankblankJohnson & Johnson
blankblankLebanon Federal Credit Union
blankblankLebanon Mutual Foundation
blankblankLebanon Seaboard Corporation
blankblankLebanon Valley College Auxiliary
blankblankLebanon Valley Engraving, Inc.
blankblankLobar Associates
blankblankThe Lutheran Community Foundation
blankblankblankThe Dr. Richard D. and Isabel G. Schreiber Family Fund
blankblankMarsh & McLennan Matching Gift Program
blankblankMarthom Corporation
blankblankMcNees, Wallace & Nurick LLC
blankblankThe Merck Company Foundation
blankblankMetLife Foundation
blankblankMetz Culinary Management
blankblankMetz Family Foundation
blankblankMichener's Engraving, Inc.
blankblankEdwill B. & Rachel H. Miller Trust
blankblankRussell E. and Elizabeth W. Morgan Foundation
blankblankMosteller and Associates
blankblankNational Science Foundation
blankblankNew Penn Motor Express, Inc.
blankblankNIST SURF
blankblankNovartis Matching Gift Center
blankblankJ. Robert O'Donnell Trust
blankblankPennsylvania Power & Light
blankblankPfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
blankblankThe Presser Foundation
blankblankPRL Industries, Inc.
blankblankRachuba Family Foundation, Inc.
blankblankRedner's Warehouse Markets
blankblankDonald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation
blankblankStanilla Siegel and Maser PC
blankblankThe John Frederick Steinman Foundation
blankblankSwiss Premium Dairy
blankblankTyco Employee Matching Gift Program
blankblankUnited Methodist Women of Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
blankblankUnited Way of the Capital Region
blankblankThe UPS Foundation
blankblankVanguard Charitable Endowment Program
blankblankVerizon Foundation
blankblankAlbert Watson Trust
blankblankNaomi Watson Trust
blankblankWeis Markets
blankblankWells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
blankblankC. Jeanette Witmer Trust
blankblankWomen's Club of Lebanon
blankblankYHB Investment Advisors, Inc.
blankblankblankThe Reider Family Charitable Fund