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Conductor's Circle
Student Members

Valley Musica

Conductor's Circle
a gift of $1000 or more
Gerald S. Wingenroth ‘58

a gift of $500-$999
Dr. Mark L. Mecham and Patsy T. Mecham
George D. Shaak ‘55
Harlan R. Wengert H’87 and Nancy N. Wengert

a gift of $250-$499
Anne M. Berry
Fred R. Eshleman '60
Dr. Michael R. Green
Linda J. Hissner '62 and William Hissner
The Rev. Dr. Julie Mader Hostetter '73
Dr. John P. Kearney anddeceasedCarol J. Kearney
Dr. Richard E. Klinedinst '62 and Suzanne K. Klinedinst '62
Dr. Robert C. Lau '65
William N. Luyben and Sharon P. (Love) Luyben '81
Dr. Stephen C. MacDonald and Mary C. Warner
Roberta C. Otto '65
David G. Price P’13 and Marina C. Price P’13
Todd C. Snovel '06
John J. Stouffer ’60 and Sandra S. Stouffer ‘62
Patricia L. Walter '57, P'85, P'91

a gift of $100-$249
Frances S. Bova '54
Sessaly P. Boyd '58
Woodrow S. Dellinger Jr. '62
Dr. Johannes Dietrich and Dr. Marie-Aline Cadieux
Dr. Scott H. Eggert and G. Daniel Massad
James A. Erdman II and Katharine B. Erdman
Nancy E. Fennell '65
Julia A. Gottschall '99
Dr. Roy J. Guenther P'13 and Dr. Eileen M. Guenther P'13
Dr. Betty Criswell Hungerford '54, H'09
Elma Jean Kreider '55
Barbara K. Lawver Teel '50 and Ray L. Teel
Fred Lucrezi P'14 and Susan Lucrezi P'14
Rufina B. Marquette '51
Philip G. Morgan P'95 and Susan Morgan P'95
Helen T. Neidig P'73
Dr. Renee Lapp Norris
Dr. Joseph C. Pennington '87 and Terri A. Pennington '87
Dr. Lynn G. Phillips '68 and Dr. Edward L. Phillips
Gail S. Posey '77
Linda A. Powell '88
Dale L. Reichert P'14 and Dr. Katherine L. Bittner-Reichert P'14
Ronald R. Renshaw '72
Ronald L. Richcreek '68
Joseph J. Shemeta '52, P'76 and Anne E. Shemeta '51, P'76
Randy K. Stahlman and Dr. Shelly K. Moorman-Stahlman
Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie and Roger J. Stopkie
Robert H. Stull '62 and Nancy W. Stull '64
Dr. Dennis W. Sweigart '63
David G. Thompson, Ph.D., '65 and Elaine B. Thompson '67
Robert L. Unger ’69, P’98, P’08 and Dr. Elizabeth R. Unger ’72, P’98, P’08
Matthew D. Wehr '02
Dr. Mark R. Witmer '85 and Barbara N. Witmer '85
Ivan M. Wittel III '79 and Kim Y. Wittel

a gift of $50-$99
James R. Atkins and Deborah L. Atkins
Dr. Robert P. Baker '79
Kristen T. Barone '04
Sara P. Beaver '58
Jonathan E. Bell '04
Kathie M. Bittenbender '76 and Robert Bittenbender
John D. Boag Jr. '80, P'14 and Jennifer A. Boag P'14
Jasmine A. Bucher '97, M'11, P'14 and Mark Bucher P'14
Thomas D. Busteed '09
J. Matthew Cecil M'10 and Jamie N. Cecil M'07
Diane F. Cerutti '69
Lisa H. Dew '79
Robert J. Dillane '77 and Deborah M. Dillane '77
Dr. Marian T. Dura
Thomas W. Flud '70
Walter F. Fullam '80, P'07 and Deborah R. Fullam '81, P'07
Dr. Dorothy Landis Gray '44
Dr. Robert E. Hamilton P'92 and Judith C. Hamilton P'92
Kathleen A. Hampford '79
Marlin Houck '64 and Barbara A. Houck
Nancy S. Hutton '00
Arlene S. Keller '47
The Rev. W. Franklin Lantz '57 and June L. Lantz '57
The Rev. John R. Lebo '58 and Darlene S. Lebo '58
Brian P. Luckenbill '88
Laurie S. Mueller '87
Clair W. Noll ’55 and Jeanne C. Noll ‘57
Kevin M. Poole '05, M'09 and Melissa A. Poole '05
David E. Ramage, Ph.D., '82, P'14 and Diane D. Ramage '85, P'14
Linda S. Rothermel '69
Lisa Russoniello Sabatino '88
John Safstrom and Ann E. Safstrom
Howard P. Scott '75
Darlene J. Sitler '81
Jeffrey S. Snyder
Susan M. Spadjinskie '90
Julia A. Spangler '54
Thomas M. Strohman '75, P'08 and Sherie A. Strohman '79, P'08
Joan H. Squires '79
Paul A. Vollberg '98 and Erin E. Vollberg '00
Matthew D. Wary '98
Glenn H. Woods '51, P'79, P'86 and Carolyn J. Woods P'79, P'86

Student Members and Recent Graduates
a gift of $25
Amanda M. Fortney '02
Christina K. Guenther '13
Joi-Yan Woo '11