Class of 2012 Gift Drive

Lebanon Valley's Senior Class Gift Drive provides an opportunity for seniors to join with alumni in support of the College. This year, nearly 40% of the Class of 2012* participated, pledging $13,640.00 to The Valley Fund. A plaque acknowledging their gift was placed near the firepit outside the Mund College Center.

blankMr. Adam M. Abruzzo '12
blankMr. Christopher J. Adams '12
blankMr. Michael C. Attanasio '12
blankMs. Drue A. Bahajak '12
blankMs. Kayla M. Baldwin '12
blankMr. Daniel Bao-Ramirez '12
blankMs. Lauren T. Baran '12
blankMs. Andrea D. Barr '12
blankMr. Jordan M. Beaver '12
blankMs. Rachel B. Beazley '12
blankMs. Kyi L. (Simmons) Benkowitsch '12
blankMs. Suzanne E. Biever '12
blankMr. Nicholas C. Bowne '12
blankMs. Kathleen E. Brennan '12
blankMs. Lindsay M. Carl '12
blankMs. Courtney A. Catania '12
blankMr. Antonio A. Coach '12
blankMs. Katherine R. Costolnick '12
blankMr. Daniel J. Crawford '12
blankMs. Nicole L. Daub '12
blankMs. Jennifer R. Davis '12
blankMr. Micah A. DeHart '12
blankMs. Claire E. Deibler '12
blankMs. Rachel B. Donnachie '12
blankMs. Kristin A. Donohue '12
blankMs. Sara J. Drabenstadt '12
blankMs. Julia M. Dunn '11
blankMs. Kara D. Eberly '12
blankMs. Rhiannon M. Eckinger '12
blankMs. Rae A. Eidam '12
blankMs. Brianna K. Eroh '12
blankMr. Brian E. Farkas '12
blankMs. Ashley M. Farr '12
blankMs. Sarah M. Fenning '12
blankMs. Katelyn A. Fielder '12
blankMs. Devon F. Forbes '11
blankMs. Kayla M. Fulfer '12
blankMs. Bethany J. Gehman '12
blankMs. Jenni L. Gernert '12
blankMs. Jennifer M. Good '12
blankMs. Casey L. Goryeb '12
blankMs. Lauren J. Grande '12
blankMr. Ryan C. Grozinski '12
blankMr. Ryan J. Grusemeyer '12
blankMr. Colin A. Habecker '12
blankMs. Emily A. Hafer '12
blankMr. Christopher W. Hall '12
blankMr. David A. Hallinan '12
blankMs. Vania G. Hardy '12
blankMs. Patricia A. Harkins '12
blankMr. Aaron R. Hess '12
blankMs. Danielle E. Hess '12
blankMs. Samantha J. Horst '12
blankMs. Karen M. Huber '12
blankMr. Ryan T. Humphries '12
blankMr. Joseph D. Jablonski '12
blankMs. Brittany L. Janke '12
blankMs. Brianna N. Jones '12
blankMs. Chelsea M. Kehr '12
blankMs. Erin L. Kendall '12
blankMr. Gregory M. Kennelty '12
blankMs. Ashley M. Kitchenoff '12
blankMr. Cody T. Klaus '12
blankMs. Brittney E. Knauss '12
blankMr. Kristopher A. Knutsen '12
blankMs. Andrea M. Kozlowski '12
blankMs. Brittany A. Kreider '12
blankMs. Kelsea L. Lamphere '12
blankMr. Jonathan R. Leer '12
blankMs. Emily E. Lefin '12
blankMr. Heath N. Lettich '12
blankMr. Gabriel L. Lincoln-De Cusatis '12
blankMs. Rachel L. Lindt '12
blankMr. Ryan M. List '12
blankMs. Morgan A. Little '12
blankMs. Sarah E. Lokey '12
blankMr. Alexander C. Loy '12
blankMs. Megan E. MacDonald '12
blankMr. Matthew W. Mankiewicz '12
blankMs. Nikole B. Mannherz '12
blankMr. Anthony T. Mayers '12
blankMr. Conner M. McAuliffe '12
blankMs. Lindsey T. McMahon '12
blankMr. Andrew R. McVey '12
blankMs. Susan M. Menges '12
blankMr. Aaron M. Mills '12
blankMr. Robert J. Miske '12
blankMr. Matthew D. Morell '12
blankMs. Caitlin R. Murphy '12
blankMr. Jeremy M. Neese '12
blankMrs. Brittni J. (Garvin) Nelson '12
blankMr. Michael S. Nelson '12
blankMs. Jordan E. Nendza '12
blankMs. Jocelyn E. Novak '12
blankMs. Kristen L. Palmerio '12
blankMr. Garrett M. Palowitch '12
blankMs. Zoe M. Paluskievicz '12
blankMr. Timothy M. Picerno '12
blankMr. Donald J. Poligone Jr. '12
blankMr. Keith A. Raber '12
blankMs. Megan E. Repoley '12
blankMs. Jessica S. Riley '12
blankMr. Wesley T. Rockwell '12
blankMs. Audrey A. Satterfield '12
blankMs. Katerina M. Seigendall '12
blankMs. Josie E. Senko '12
blankMr. Cody A. Shepp '12
blankMs. Kelsey R. Sherman '12
blankMr. Tenzing W. Sherpa '12
blankMs. Sarah G. Shisler '12
blankMs. Arielle D. Slingwine '12
blankMs. Amanda J. Slusaw '12
blankMr. Matthew C. Smith '12
blankMs. Samantha D. Snyder '12
blankMs. Tierney L. Snyder '12
blankMr. Brendan A. Steele '12
blankMr. Eric J. Suess '12
blankMs. Alyssa E. Sweigart '12
blankMs. Abigail R. Tomlinson '12
blankMs. Sarah B. Wagner '12
blankMr. Justin A. Weidman '12
blankMs. Lisabeth Wieand '12
blankMs. Brandine E. Williams '12
blankMs. Abigail M. Wise '12
blankMs. Samantha J. Young '13
blankMs. Katie L. Zwiebel '12

*includes May, August and December 2012 graduates, as well as December 2011 graduates.