Faculty and Staff

Dolan Christopher J. Dolan, Professor of Politics and Global Studies; Chair of History, Politics, and Global Studies
B.A, Siena College; M.A., Northeastern University; Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Dr. Dolan is the author of or co-author of three books and more than 30 referred articles or book chapters. His research interests include humanitarian intervention and human security, U.S. foreign policy and security, globalization, and global political economy. He has presented his research in London, Paris, Montreal, Denver, Miami, San Diego, and Washington D.C., among others. Dr. Dolan, who began LVC’s International Studies Program, has presented collaborative research with students in Toronto, Baltimore, Buffalo, and Philadelphia, and oversees the International Studies internship program. He teaches courses on international relations theory, contemporary global security, American foreign policy, globalization, and research methods. Beginning in 2015, he will teach a course on Global Human Rights to LVC students at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Telephone: 717-867-6740
Address: Humanities 206-C
Email: dolan@lvc.edu
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Benesch Philip Benesch, Associate Professor of Politics and Faculty Director of External Scholarships and Fellowships
B.A., University of London; M.A., London School of Economics; Ph.D., University of Delaware; Postgraduate Certificate in Laws, University of London; Postgraduate Diploma in Laws, University of London; LL.M, University of London

Dr. Benesch teaches courses in American government, political philosophy and public law. He has a particular interest in the intersection of law and normative philosophy. His research has examined aspects both of Socratic and of modern democratic theory. He has written on the epistemology and political thought of the Austrian thinker, Karl Popper. Dr. Benesch serves as the pre-law adviser for the College.

Telephone: 717-867-6326
Address: Humanities 206-B
Email: benesch@lvc.edu
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Broussard James H Broussard, Professor of History
A.B., Harvard University; M.A., Duke University; Ph.D., Duke University

Dr. Broussard teaches American history and historiography. His research and publications concentrate on the Jefferson-Jackson era, the South, and American politics. He formerly served as executive director of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic.

Telephone: 717-867-6358
Address: Humanities 306-A
Email: broussar@lvc.edu
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Hinshaw John Hinshaw, Professor of History
B.A., Macalester College; M.A., Carnegie Mellon University; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Hinshaw teaches courses on modern American history, African-American history, urban history, African history, world history, labor history, and specialized courses in race and ethnicity. He has written and edited books on the industrial revolution in world history, the steel industry and steel workers in Western Pennsylvania, and the labor movement in the United States.

Telephone: 717-867-6359
Address: Humanities 307-C
Email: hinshaw@lvc.edu
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Johnson Diane E. Johnson, Associate Professor of Politics
B.A., Pepperdine University; M.A., California State University, Fresno; M.A., California State University, Fresno; M.A., University of California at Santa Barbara; Ph.D., University of California at Santa Barbara

Dr. Johnson teaches courses in comparative politics and American politics. She also teaches a 100-level course called Contemporary Controversies in Politics and the senior seminar in politics, and shares responsibility for the EU Simulation course. Her main research interests are democratization, the effects of globalization, and political communication. She specializes in the politics of Latin America, and regularly conducts field research in Argentina and Uruguay. Dr. Johnson has been president of the Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies, and has presented her work at conferences in the U.S. and Canada. She is the author of numerous articles, book chapters and reviews, and co-edited a volume on globalization and uncertainty in Latin America. She is currently working on a manuscript on the changing relationship between mass media and democracy in the 21st century.

Telephone: 717-867-6329
Address: Humanities 206-A
Email: djohnson@lvc.edu
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McCoy Rebecca K. McCoy, Associate Professor of History
A.B., Mount Holyoke College; M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. McCoy teaches world civilization and specialized courses in European History. Her research focuses on the social, religious, and political history of France from the 17th to the 19th century. Other teaching and research interests include the history of European women, the cultural and intellectual history of modern Europe, and the development of nationalism and national identity.

Telephone: 717-867-6357
Address: Humanities 206-D
Email: mccoy@lvc.edu
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Schroeder Michael Schroeder, Associate Professor of History
B.A., University of Minnesota; M.A., University of Minnesota; Ph.D., University of Michigan

Dr. Schroeder teaches the Atlantic World since 1500, focusing on Latin America and the United States since the Age of Revolution. A social, cultural, and political historian whose research focuses on twentieth-century Nicaragua, he is co-author of the widely used college textbook The Twentieth Century and Beyond (McGraw-Hill, 2007) and author of numerous scholarly articles and chapters in his area of expertise.

Telephone: 717-867-6356
Address: Humanities 307
Email: schroede@lvc.edu
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Howard L. Applegate, Professor Emeritus of History
B.A., Drew University; M.A., Syracuse University; Ph.D..

Telephone: 717-867-6721
Email: applegat@lvc.edu

Bentz Adam Timothy Bentz, Adjunct Instructor of History

Telephone: 717-867-6410
Address: Chapel 102
Email: adbentz@lvc.edu

Kenneth C Wolensky, Adjunct Instructor of History

Telephone: 717-867-6355
Address: Humanities 307
Email: wolensky@lvc.edu

Support Staff

Stamm Sharon L. Stamm, Administrative Assistant for English and Politics

Telephone: 717-867-6240
Address: Humanities 206
Email: stamm@lvc.edu