Secondary Certification in Citizenship Education

The College offers a program for students seeking certification to teach Citizenship
Education in the secondary schools. The program includes three required
components: the Citizenship Education core, the secondary education core, and a
major in one of the following disciplines: history or politics.  There is no major in citizenship education. Dr. James H. Broussard is the coordinator of the Citizenship Education Certification Program.

Required courses:

ECN 105 Essentials of Economics
HIS 103 The Ancient World
HIS 105 Formation of the Modern World
HIS 125 US History to 1865
HIS 126 US History Since 1865
HIS 202 Historical Geography
POL 110 Architecture of American Power
POL 210 Comparative Politics
POL 245 Conceptions of Global Power
An upper division course in American government

Education courses:

SED 115 Intro to Teaching and Learning
SED 363 Teach of Soc Studs in Sec Sch
SED 421 Content Area Literacy
SED 431 Practicum & Methods II
SED 440 Student Teaching

Additional Certification Requirements

Students seeking teacher certification must also complete a number of additional processes and requirements outlined in the Steps to Pennsylvania Teacher Certification document on the Education Department web page.  Along with other requirements, these include a minimum GPA and the following coursework:

1. Completion of one English composition course.

2. Completion of one English or American literature course.

3. Completion of two college-level mathematics courses.

4. Completion of required Special Education coursework:

SPE 250 Cog Devel of Diverse Learners
SPE 255 Special Ed. Process & Proced.

The following course is required for music education majors and may also be required for students transfering credits into any certification program from other institutions:

SPE 258 Instruct & Behav. Strategies

5. Completion of one of the following ESL courses:

For early childhood/special education certification: EDU 240 Lang, Diversity, Achiev.: Pk-8

For secondary education certification: EDU 245 Lang, Diversity, Achieve: 7-12

K-12 certification (languages and music) candidates may take either course.