The Department of History, Politics, and Global Studies empowers students to be active and responsible global citizens who are ready to enjoy an intellectually rich life and satisfying career.  We do so by challenging students to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, and proficient researchers.  Programs in History, Politics, Global Studies and Law examine society and government as shaped by both traditions and bold transformations.  Our programs pay particular attention to distinctive American relationships with diverse communities around the globe.  Informed by values they have carefully considered, our graduates are ready to situate themselves in the world, transforming it while performing within it.

Student learning goals and objectives

Goal 1: Students will acquire basic competence in their discipline

Learning objectives:

A.       Students will demonstrate knowledge of key terms, classifications, principles and theories, methods and trends central to their major field

B.       Students will develop an understanding of professional and intellectual activity central to their major field

Goal 2: Students will demonstrate proficient research skills

Learning objectives:

C.       Students will be able to locate, distinguish and use high-quality, credible source material appropriate to their major field

D.       Students will be able to identify the thesis, main points, and evidence in the scholarly literature of their major field

Goal 3: Students will be effective communicators

Learning objectives:

E.        Students demonstrate in their written work the conventions particular to their discipline in organization, content, presentation, formatting, and stylistic choices

F.        Students are able to communicate their ideas effectively in class discussions, and to do a formal research presentation with compelling and polished delivery 

G.       Students will be able to write a research paper in clear and fluent language, either independently or collaboratively, that includes a thesis, literature review, empirical data and analysis

Goal 4: Students will develop critical thinking skills

Learning objectives:

H.       Students will be able to analyze and critically evaluate ideas, arguments, and points of view

I.         Students will apply course materials to improve thinking, problem solving, and decisions

J.         Students will go beyond perspectives presented in class to formulate original, well-defended arguments that show familiarity with various perspectives on events or processes

Goal: Students will develop the knowledge, skills and attributes to live effectively in a diverse world

Learning objectives:

K.       Students will demonstrate an understanding of diverse economic, social and cultural activities

L.        Students will understand the concept of global citizenship and will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of personal values, tradition and community on global issues