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Global Studies

Global studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to give students a core of knowledge and basic understanding of an increasingly interdependent world. Students will explore international issues and affairs from political, sociological, cultural, historical, and economic perspectives and examine the complex interactions between the domestic and international affairs of nations with the goal of developing the skills necessary for a career in public service, the private sector, and academia. If students are interested in studying abroad, developing advanced skills in language, engaging in undergraduate research or pursuing an internship, and taking courses across the curriculum, then global studies may be an attractive major or minor.

The global studies major and minor emphasizes core and advanced elective courses in political science, art and art history, philosophy, religion, language, economics, history, sociology, and anthropology, and require students to demonstrate competence in language and participate in study abroad. It will also require students to take an introductory course, advanced level language, engage in undergraduate research or an internship, and take a senior seminar course. Students can select from two tracks within the program: International Affairs or Comparative Culture.

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More information about the Global Studies Program:

For more information about receiving an global studies degree, please contact Dr. Chris Dolan or Dr. Rick Chamberlin.

Chris Dolan
Assistant Professor of Political Science,
Director of International Studies Program.
Telephone: 717-867-6740
Address: Humanities 201-B

Rick Chamberlin
Assistant Professor of German and French.
Telephone: 717-867-6256
Address: Humanities 301-A