History, Politics & Global Studies Faculty Focus

Dr. Michael Schroeder:  News from Nicaragua 

On Friday, February 10, 2012, Assistant Professor of History Michael J. Schroeder was interviewed twice for broadcast on Nicaraguan television and film on the subject of the Sandino rebellion in Nicaraguan history and his research and website on this topic.  In both interviews he was accompanied by Walter C. Sandino, grandson of Nicaraguan national hero Augusto C. Sandino, who described Dr. Schroeder as the world’s leading scholar on the subject of his grandfather’s struggle against the US Marine intervention in the 1920s and 1930s.  The first interview was carried live on Canal 12, a mostly conservative channel, in a popular hour-long live news show hosted by news anchor Estalin Vladimir (photo).  The second interview was taped outdoors at the Sandino Memorial, in the shadow of Managua’s 50-foot tall black-metal statue of the national hero that towers above the city and the adjoining Lake Tiscapa, by the Nicaraguan filmmaker and journalist Marcio Vargas.  This second interview appeared on Canal 23, a Sandinista-affiliated channel, in conjunction with the 78th anniversary of Sandino's assassination, and can be viewed in four segments on YouTube (right-click & open in new window):  PART 1   •   PART 2   •   PART 3   •   PART 4