Careers in History & Politics

Majors in history and historical communications prepare students for a wide variety of jobs. The department's courses offer a clear progression of skills from the 100-level courses designed for freshmen to the advanced 300 and 400-level courses taken by juniors and seniors. Over four years, students learn critical thinking, the art of oral presentation, research skills, and clear writing. Over four years, students therefore acquire skills that are essential in any job setting.

In addition, students acquire practical job experience in a variety of ways. Those who intend to teach undertake a program of school observations and eventually a semester of student teaching. Other students do at least one internship. Typically, our majors go into secondary education, communications, state and local government, public relations, library positions, museum work, and other types of administration. Every year, a few graduating seniors enter graduate school.

Political Science
Traditionally, students who major in political science at Lebanon Valley have had the following career objectives: law school and law; party or interest group politics; secondary education; political journalism; or foreign service.

Law and politics have been the most prominent career objectives of past Lebanon Valley students. Our political science graduates have gone on to attend some of the most prestigious law schools in the country, including Harvard, Temple, Stanford, and The College of William and Mary.

Additionally, several of our recent students have entered politics. One has run for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Others work for individual state senators and representatives or for legislative committees.

Online career resources are available from the American Political Science Association, the premier professional association for our discipline.