Sexual Assault Victim Advocates

The purpose of the advocates is to provide support counseling after experiencing sexual assault, accompany students to make reports of the assault while on campus, act as a liaison to the hospital and legal system, and make referrals. They have completed at least four hours of volunteer training and have committed to receiving on-going training in their one year commitment. All advocates have signed pledges of confidentiality and will only report numbers of sexual assault to Public Safety unless victim has instructed them otherwise.

Sexual Assault Victim Advocates:
 Marianne Goodfellow, Humanities 202, Sociology Professor  (; 867-6157; 717-673-3076 c)
 Carol Miller, Arnold Sports Center, Head Field Hockey Coach  (; 867-6268; 302-562-5123 c)
 James O’Brien, Arnold Sports Center, Head Cross Country Coach (; 867-6364 or 867-6360)
Venus Ricks, Mund College Center, Director of Multicultural Affairs (; 867-6165; 413-262-0086 c)