Title IX Advocates

The purpose of the Title IX Advocate is to provide support to students after a sexual misconduct incident has occurred on campus.  They have been trained to provide guidance through all parts of the process from making a report, to accessing support services, and adjudication.  Advocates are available to both parties in the case and have signed privacy pledges to ensure details of the incident remain private.  However, as Title IX mandated reporters, they must report the incident to one of the following offices; Public Safety, Student Conduct, or Residential Life in order to investigate the alleged crime.

Title IX Advocates:

Melissa Byler
Director Arnold Sports Center & Head Track & Field Coach, LVC Sports Center
byler@lvc.edu | x6261

Mark Costello
Assistant Football Coach, LVC Sports Center
costello@lvc.edu | x6993

Jen Evans
Director of Student Activities & Mund College Center, Center for Student Engagement/Mund
jevans@lvc.edu | x6164 | cell 717-701-2226

Heidi Freeland-Trail
Residential Life Area Coordinator, Center for Student Engagement/Mund
freeland@lvc.edu | x6866 | cell 717.343.5712

Marianne Goodfellow
Humanities 202, Sociology Professor  
goodfell@lvc.edu | x6157 | cell717-673-3076

Sarah Greene
Director of the Bishop Library
sgreene@lvc.edu | x6985

Olajiwon McCadney
Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs, Center for Student Engagement/Mund
mccadney@lvc.edu | x6239 | cell 585.955.3585

Carol Miller
Head Field Hockey Coach, Arnold Sports Center
cmiller@lvc.edu | x6268 | cell 302-562-5123
James O’Brien
Head Cross Country Coach, Arnold Sports Center
obrien@lvc.edu | x6364 or x6360
Venus Ricks
Director of Multicultural Affairs, Mund College Center
ricks@lvc.edu | x6165 | cell 413-262-0086

Holly Wendt
Assistant Professor of English, Humanities 208-D
wendt@lvc.edu | x6403 | cell 607.821.9938