Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery Honor Roll of Donors

Last updated - 03/18/2014

Thank you to the following alumni and friends for their support of the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery. Each year, the Friends of the Gallery contribute more than $25,000 to bring a variety of exceptional exhibits and programs to Lebanon Valley College.


Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold H'96
William Dallam and Mary L. Dallam
Dr. Johannes Dietrich and Dr. Marie-Aline Cadieux
Mary-Louise Johnson
Kenneth E. Lehman and Karen Lehman
William Lehr Jr. and Beverlee Lehr
Clyde and Barbara McGeary
David W. Reager
Richard and Ann W. Shull
Martha McGeary Snider

Dr. Suzanne H. Arnold H'96 and 
    Ronald Schrotberger

Richard F. Charles and Pauline C. Charles
Kenneth E. Lehman and Karen Lehman
William Lehr Jr. and Beverlee Lehr
Gail A. Sanderson
Dr. Lewis E. Thayne and Dorothy G. Thayne
Dr. Elliot S. Vessel
Dr. Harlan R. Wengert H'87 and 
     Nancy N. Wengert

Jasmine A. Bucher '97, M'11, P'14 and Mark Bucher P'14
Dr. Michael R. Green
Dr. John P. Kearney and Carol J. Kearney
Dr. Stephen C. MacDonald and 
     Mary C. Warner
Dr. David V. Rudd and Shirley A. Rudd
David W. Reager
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44, H'89


Dr. Philip A. Billings and Sue A. Billings
Alice M. Brumbaugh
J. Matthew Cecil M'10 and Jamie N. Cecil M'07
Dr. Salvatore Cullari and Kathryn Cullari
William M. Dallam and Mary L. Dallam
Dr. Ann E. Damiano
Woodrow "Skip" Dellinger Jr. '62
The Rev. Timothy M. Dewald P'04 and
    Carol J. Dewald '86, P'04
The Fava Family   
James D. Hagelgans and Gale Zorian
Mark N. Heinly and Amy L. Heinly
Douglass Henry Jr. and Judy W. Henry
R. Andrew Hoff and Mary Hoff
Fred Horowitz and Judith A. Horowitz
Betty C. Hungerford '54, H'09
Mary-Louise Johnson
Jacqueline L. Kruper
Thomas A. Loper and Dianne N. Loper
Dr. David W. Lyons P'13 and
      Maria B. Howe P'13
David V. McKeever and Sally A. McKeever
Dr. Barbara McNulty and John McNulty
Helen T. Neidig P'73
David E. Pleet and Lynn Pleet
Dr. Corey Rigberg and Betty Rigberg 
Elyse E. Rogers, Esq. '76
George D. Shaak '55
Mark S. and Jacqueline L. Singel
Lee C. Smedley and Sally Smedley
Glenda J. Synodinos
Bonnie C. Tenney '96 and Edwin D. Tenney
Dr. Joshua G. Tice and Dr. Lisa N. Tice

David Adams and Mary Kopala
John Esser and Jamie Esser
Philip H. Feather, Esq. '60 and
      Judith K. Feather '62
Tilman R. Frye '67, P'84, P'85, P'90 and
     Nancy K. Frye '80, P'84, P'85, P'90
Matthew L. George and Katherine E. George
Walter Haber and Barbara Haber
Dr. Marc A. Harris and Sheila Harris
Charles V. Henry III and Jean D. Henry
Rodney Hubler and Ruth A. Hubler
Timothy D. Huggins and Suzanne E. Huggins     
Oliver, Megan and William Kerwin
Patrick J. Kerwin P'03 and 
      Pamela A. Kerwin P'03
Patrick O. Kerwin and Megan E. Kerwin
Dr. J. Michael Kildee '64 and Barbara R. Kildee
John Makuch and Sally I. Makuch
H. Gleen Manning and Margaret Manning
Philip G. Morgan P'95 and Susan Morgan    P'95
Ted Pinca P'03, P'09, P'10 and 
     Ann Pinca P'03, P'09, P'10
Micahel C. Pittari and Karen R. Beall
George J. Reitbauer and
     Deborah A. Reitbauer
Fred Richter and Tanya T. Richter
Jean E. Roberts
Walter Neel Robertson and Nancy B. Robertson
Charles W.Schatzman III M'96
Richard and Ann W. Shull
Doris Jean Silva
Dr. Morton Spector H'02 P'79 and
     Alyce Spector P'79
LaMar L. Stutzman and Elizabeth A. Stutzman
Dr. Dale E. Summers and Linda L. Summers
Dr. Kathleen A. Tacelosky and
      Marisel Chaplin
Dr. Grant D. Taylor and Victoria E. Taylor '03
Dr. Robert T. Valgenti and Tina Valgenti
Gary R. Wildasin and Sally A. Pulice
Jeffrey H. Wiles and Elizabeth J. Wiles
Robert Willis and Janet E. Willis
Dr. Allan F. Wolfe and Juliana M. Wolfe 




Kelly Ann Alsedek
Iris B. Alster
Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D. '74
Eva S. Bender
Helen L. Bernat
Maureen A. Bentz '00
Marie G. Bongiovanni
James K. Brandt '66
Barbara K. Bross
C. Ann Brugger
Michael R. Clapper and Amelia F. Rauser
Gerald A. Collins
Colleen Cordial
John R. "Jack" and Martha L. "Marti" Detweiler
Karen Feather
Frederick W. Flickinger
Dr. Arthur L. Ford Jr. '59 and Mary Ellen Ford
Dr. Robert E. Hamilton P'92 and Judith C. Hamilton P'93
Mallory E. Hane '08
Pat Hartranft
Helene E. Harvey '67
James R. Heckman
John J. Heenan '12
Dr. Diane E. Johnson
Naomi K. Keeney
Justine J. Kreifels
Walter E. Labonte and Paula S. Labonte '03
Dr. David I. Lasky P'86 and Ann Marie Lasky P'86
Steve Layser and Janet E. Layser
Willard L. Light '57
Jeremy A. Maisto and Emily Maisto '12
Dr. Mark L. Mecham and Patsy Mecham
Alexandra J. Olexy
George M. Ominski
David M. Pappariella and Tammy L. Pappariella
Diana L. Reilly '91
Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes '43, P'87
Marie E. Riegle-Kinch
Mathew T. Samuel and Stephanie Samuel
Todd C. Snovel '06
Catherine Stone
Evalyn M. Strickler '39
Marie H. Tousley
Marta K. Trainer '10
Rosemary E. Troebliger
Lawrence Von Barann
Patricia L. Walter
Stephen Warfel and Barbara Passeri-Warfel
Katharine Whitner
Nancy B. Williams
Melvin H. Wolf and Joan S. Wolf
David J. Yasenchak '13



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