Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you to the following alumni and friends for their support of the Suzanne H. Arnold Art Gallery. Each year, the Friends of the Gallery contribute more than $25,000 to bring a variety of exceptional exhibits and programs to Lebanon Valley College.


Five Founders' Circle
Suzanne H. Arnold H'96 and Ronald Schrotberger

Vickroy Society Associate
Richard F. Charles and Pauline C. Charles                

Klick-Lewis Inc.
William Lehr Jr. and Beverlee B. Lehr
Gail A. Sanderson
Joseph Sassani and Gloria Sassani
George D. Shaak '55
Lewis E. Thayne and Dorothy G. Thayne


Jasmine A. Bucher '97, M'11, P'14 and Mark Bucher P'14
Nancy M. Gingrich '49
Michael R. Green
John P. Kearney and Carol J. Kearney
Malcolm Lazin '65
Stephen C. MacDonald and Mary C. Warner
Barbara A. McNulty and John McNulty
Larry T. Swistoski
Matthew J. Urban '04
Marian M. Warden '57
Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44, H'89

Steven and Susan Alger
William M. Anderson
Philip A. Billings and Sue A. Billings
Donald E. Bricker and Jacklyn E. Bricker
Salvatore S. Cullari and Kathryn Cullari
Timothy M. Dewald P'04 and Carol J. Dewald '86, P'04
Robin and Rod Dickinson
Scott H. Eggert and G. Daniel Massad
The Fava Family
James D. Hagelgans and Gale M. Zorian
Carolyn L. Hearsey '83
Mark N. Heinly and Amy L. Heinly
Paul A. Heise and Roberta Warshaw
Jean D. Henry
The Hershey Story
Gregory A. High '92 and April Y. High
R. Andrew Hoff and Mary Hoff
Fred Horowitz and Judith A. Horowitz
Patrick J. Kerwin P'03 and Pamela A. Kerwin P'03
Scott A. Lintz and Amy J. Lintz
Thomas A. Loper and Dianne N. Loper
Kevin McKeon and Mollie McCurdy
Christopher C. Minch and Jean Wildauer
Helen T. Neidig P'73
Rosanne and Randall Oyer
Lynn G. Phillips '68
Corey Rigberg and Betty Rigberg 
Elyse E. Rogers, Esq. '76
William Simmons and Deidre W. Simmons
Mark S. Singel and Jacqueline L. Singel
Leslie C. Smedley and Salley Smedley
Ingeborg M. Snoke
Doris M. Stanson
Glenda J. Synodinos
Bonnie C. Tenney '96 and Edwin D. Tenney
Stephen Winer and Anita C. Winer

Richard B. Arnold P'91 and Ellen H. Arnold P'91 
Adam T. Bentz '04 and Maureen A. Bentz '00
Robert D. Douds and Karen S.Douds
Art L. Ford '59 and Mary Ellen Ford
Richard Foxx and Susan Foxx
Matthew L. George and Kathy E.George
Michael E. Huber '74 and Penny P. Huber '75
Rodney Hubler and Ruth A. Hubler
Oliver, Megan and William Kerwin
Thomas P. Kilcoyne Jr. P'07 and Elizabeth M. Kilcoyne P'07
David I. Lasky P'86 and Ann M. Lasky P'86
Clyde McGeary and Barbara McGeary
Philip G. Morgan P'95 and Susan Morgan P'95
Timothy J. Mosher and Lisa S. Mosher
George J. Reitbauer and Deborah A. Reitbauer
Fredric Richter and Tanya T. Richter
Morton Spector H'02 P'79 and Alyce Spector P'79
LaMar L. Stutzman and Elizabeth A. Stutzman
Dale E. Summers and  Linda L. Summers
Kathleen A. Tacelosky and Marisela Chaplin
Grant D. Taylor and Victoria E. Taylor '03, 
Vivienne and Holbrook Taylor
Allan F. Wolfe and Juliana M. Wolfe


Kristen R. Angstadt, Ph.D. '74
Carmen Garcia Armero
Glinda A. Atkinson
Helen L. Bernat
Harvey J. Bomberger
Marie G. Bongiovanni
James K. Brandt '66
Michael R. Clapper and
    Amelia F. Rauser
Treva A. Clark
Gerald A. Collins
Rebecca DeWees
Alice S. Diehl
Michael M. Dryden P'91, P'95 and Phylis C. Dryden P'91, P'95
Karen M. Feather
Frederick W. Flickinger and Carol A. Flickinger
Daniel Frantz
Tilman R. Frye '67, P'84, P'85, P'90 and Nancy K. Frye '80, P'84, P'85, P'90
Marianne Goodfellow P'12
Audrey A. Goss
Pat Hartranft
Helene E. Harvey '67
Ellen Hixon
Beatrice Hulsberg
Bishop Neil L. Irons and Susan H. Thomas
Richard H. Jeffried and Suzanne Jeffries
Esther Jenckes
Ronald C. Jenkins and Ellen Jenkins
Donald E. Kreider and Carolyn A. Kreider '79
Justine J. Kreifels
Hildegard M. Lanese
Willard L. Light '57
Scott Lintz and Amy Lintz
Leslie S. March, Ph.D.
Max McAuley
Mark L. Mecham and Patsy Mecham
Isabel Menard
Jordan P. Ott
David E. Pleet and Lynn Pleet
Sidney and Hanna Pollack
Marie E. Riegle-Kinch
Jean E. Roberts
Jaime Rowe
Marie B. Schleicher
Martha T. Slayman
Jan Snyder and Steven Layser
Marta K. Trainer '10
Rosemary E. Troebliger
Erin L. Ulrich
Patricia L. Walter '57, P'85, P'91
Cathy M. Wieland
Katharine Whitner
Robert D. Willis and Janet E. Willis
Meghan Winslow
Joan S. Wolf
David Yasenchak P'13 and Pamela A. Yasenchak P'13
Charles J. Yasinksi


Epiphany L. Bliesath 

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