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Scholarship Search Engines
Below is a comprehensive list of links to sources of information about student financial aid. These services are free of charge and may be helpful in your search for scholarships, fellowships, grants and loans. They are provided as a service and are not endorsed by Lebanon Valley College. 

Children's Scholarship Fund





Go College




Tuition Funding Sources (TFS)

Scholarship Tips to Stand out From the Crowd
1. Write an excitable and intimate essay.
It’s not only important to write a well organized and thought out answer to an essay question, but to write one that shows your personality, follows the word limit, and is proofread by teachers or counselors. Also, use the correct scholarship or college name if you are mentioning it in the essay.

2. Use your most recent résumé.
Before you submit any scholarship or college essays, make sure your résumé is up-to-date. Are all jobs or volunteer opportunities in order starting with the most recent? Did you use action words such as organized, mentored, or supervised? Further, your résumé should also be proofread by a teacher or counselor.

3. Re-evaluate your social media accounts.
It’s true when they say that college admissions staff or scholarship officials visit prospective student or scholarship recipients social media sites. Cleaning them up or making them private is a step in the right direction when being considered for competitive programs or scholarships.

4. Make sure not to make any big mistakes.
You may fill out so many applications that you could do them in your sleep, but the most important thing is avoid making any errors. Make sure all your contact information is correct, that you provided the answers to the right questions, and that you have given a professional email address.

5. Use an appropriate or professional photo.
If you do not have a professional head shot, it is alright to use a clear and high quality picture for social media sites, video conferencing software, or chat features. Remember to use a photo that you would want to be displayed if you were to receive an award or recognition.