Costs at Lebanon Valley College

Tuition, fees, room, and board are determined annually, usually in February, for the following academic year.

Full Time Students
The charges for full time students for 2016–2017 are:

  Resident Commuter
Tuition and fees $40,550 $40,440
Room and board $10,980 $0
Total $51,530 $40,440

The annual costs are generally divided into two payments: one for each semester.

In addition, students should anticipate other expenses for books, transportation, personal and miscellaneous educational items. Those expenses are estimated to be approximately $3,480 for resident students, $10,780 for students living off-campus and $6,940 for commuting students living with their parents. These estimated costs are included in the cost of attendance when determining eligibility for financial aid.

More detailed information about the costs of meal plans and housing options

Part Time and Graduate Students

2015-16 Semester Fees***
Part-time undergraduate: Day $650/credit hour*
Part-time undergraduate:
$495/credit hour*
Part-time graduate: M.B.A. $610/credit hour
Part-time graduate: M.S.E. $575/credit hour
Part-time graduate: M.M.E. $575/credit hour
Private Music Instruction

$650/credit hour part-time undergraduate,
$715/credit hour part-time graduate

Laboratory fee $60/lab course
Auditing Fees charged at part-time rate (as listed above)
LVC alumni, high school students,
senior citizens (age 62 or older)
**$325/credit hour

*12 or more credit hours per semester constitute full-time undergraduate status and are charged at the full-time rate.

**Discounted tuition rates apply for all part time courses (day, evening, and weekend) except graduate courses, individual music instruction, independent study, internships, and physical therapy courses.

***Summer 2016 will be billed at $465/credit hour, for part-time undergraduate summer classes scheduled through the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Part-time student budgets include an estimate of $100 per course for books/supplies.