Joe Mixon, Adjunct Instructor of Music, shares musical talent with the people of Limon, Costa Rica

In 1991 a powerful earthquake shook the port Caribbean town of Limon, Costa Rica. The quake left hundreds of jagged boulders on the beaches. The tourism stopped and most of the musicians left town to find work. The people of Limon have not had live music in the churches for a long time.

A few years ago Rev. Sam Gray of the Moravian Church got together with the leaders of several Christian churches in the area and began a school of music and worship. Over the past four years the school has instructed about fifty students a year on piano, guitar, percussion, flute and voice.

Joe Mixon has been part of the effort since January of 2007. Joe has traveled to Limon five times to teach master classes, seminars and give concerts. Two recent LVC grads are currently planning for long-term musical mission work in Limon. These would be three to nine month stays. Joe plans to return next January to continue spreading the Joy of music.

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