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English Major with a Creative Writing Concentration

Core Requirements

Required courses:

ENG 120 Introduction to Literature
ENG 321 Hist. & Grammar of Eng. Lang.

Two of the following:

ENG 221 Survey of Amer. Literature I
ENG 222 Survey of Amer. Literature II
ENG 225 Survey of English Literature I
ENG 226 Survey of English Lit II
ENG 227 Survey of World Literature I
ENG 228 Survey of World Literature II

One of:

ENG 341 Shakespeare I
ENG 342 Shakespeare II

Creative Writing Concentration Requirements

Required courses:

ENG 150 Intro. to Creative Writing
*ENG 219 Creative Writing Workshop
ENG 319 Craft of a Genre
ENG 450 Creative Writing Portfolio

*Must be taken twice—once in poetry, once in fiction—for 6 credits.

Four from the following:

ENG 180 Introduction to Theater
ENG 201 Basic Acting
ENG 202 Advanced Acting
ENG 217
ENG 318
ENG 341 Shakespeare I
ENG 342 Shakespeare II
ENG 351 Poetry
ENG 352 The Novel
ENG 375 Introduction to Film
ENG 391 Special Topics in Literature
ENG 393 Special Topics in Creativ Writ
ENG 420 African-American Literature
ENG 421 Literature by Women
ENG 451 Advanced Creative Writing