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Day Michael A. Day, Professor of Physics; Director of Engineering (Sabbatical Leave Spring/17)
B.S., University of Idaho; M.A., University of Nebraska, Ph.D., University of Nebraska, (philosophy); M.S., University of Nebraska; Ph.D., University of Nebraska (physics)

He has two doctorates: one in physics and one in philosophy. His book, "The Hope and Vision of J. Robert Oppenheimer" (World Scientific Publishing, 2015), is augmented by thirty-plus publications in theoretical physics (specializing in anharmonic solids), the history and philosophy of science, and the teaching of physics. During the last several years, he has focused on the views of American Cold War physicists on science and society with extensive work on Robert Oppenheimer, I. I. Rabi, and E. U. Condon. For this research, he was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2010. In addition, he worked for Shell Oil as a geophysicist in its international division (Africa and South America groups). Also, he spent one year teaching physics and philosophy at Nanjing University in China. In 1999, he received the Vickroy Award, the College’s highest award for excellence in teaching.

Telephone: 717-867-6151
Address: Neidig-Garber 224
Email: day@lvc.edu
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Fry Michael D. Fry, Professor of Mathematical Sciences.  Director of the Computer Science Track for Engineering
B.A., Immaculate Heart College; Ph.D., University of Illinois

An avid practitioner of computer science and an accomplished mathematician, Dr. Fry heads the Computer Science Program and is the advisor for Computing Science students. He is also the advisor of the Computer Club. Trained as a mathematician, he has special interests in graphics, fractals, applications of group theory, operating systems, and computer architecture.

Telephone: 717-867-6084
Address: Lynch 283C
Email: fry@lvc.edu

Hurst Barry L. Hurst, Associate Professor of Physics; Director of Physics Track for Engineering
B.S., Juniata College; Ph.D., University of Delaware.

Telephone: 717-867-6150
Address: Neidig-Garber 222
Email: hurst@lvc.edu

Marsh Anderson L. Marsh, Associate Professor of Chemistry; Director of Chemistry Track for Engineering; Vernon and Doris Bishop Professor of Chemistry
B.S., Hampden-Sydney College; Ph.D., University of Michigan; ACS-PRF Alternative Energy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley-05.

Dr. Marsh specializes in experimental physical chemistry and surface science. His research is aimed at understanding kinetics of environmentally significant reactions on model catalyst surfaces.

Telephone: 717-867-6149
Address: Neidig-Garber 404
Email: marsh@lvc.edu
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