Violent or Criminal Behavior (Gunman/Hostages)

Incidents of a violent or criminal nature are the responsibility of the local police department assisted by other law enforcement agencies as appropriate. Under no circumstances should employees or students place themselves at risk by attempting to confront a gunman or resolve other dangerous situations.


    If you are witness to such an incident:

  • Call 911.
  • Call LVC public safety (ext. 6111).
  • Be prepared to report the nature of the incident, the location, and a description of person(s) involved.

    During an incident:

  • Take shelter in a safe place using all means of concealment.
  • Lock doors, stay away from windows, and stay low.
  • Do not leave a building or room until notified to do so by police, LVC public safety, or other emergency personnel.

     Building evacuation:

  • The police are "in charge" of any situation involving violent behavior and will direct any required evacuations.
  • Follow building evacuation procedures unless otherwise directed by emergency personnel.