The College is located in an area outside the 500-year flood plain with little or no probability of direct flooding from area streams, creeks, and other bodies of water. However, flooding may still occur as the result of surface or ground water entering below-grade areas.


As a precaution:

  • Stay out of and away from flooded area(s), and do not drive through standing waters.
  • When possible and practical, move equipment, supplies, and machinery to a higher elevation.
  • Equipment that might have to be shut down should be identified.
  • When safe (e.g., not in the presence of water) and necessary, electrical power should be disconnected.

After a flooding incident:

  • Call LVC public safety (ext. 6111) or 911.
  • Lock areas to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Identify areas for damaged materials.

Note: Stay out of flooded area(s). Do not enter until electrical power has been turned off.