The town of Annville is located in an area where the risk of earthquake exposure to the College is considered slight: Seismic Zone 1 as defined by the Uniform Building Code.

An earthquake and any subsequent aftershocks may trigger secondary events such as fireflooding, and the release or spread of hazardous materials.


If shaking is felt, the following are appropriate:

  • Get under a desk, table, door arch, or stairwell.
  • If none of the above is available, move to an interior wall and cover your head with your arms.
  • Stay away from large glass windows, shelving systems, and tall room partitions.

When shaking has stopped:

  • Survey the immediate area for trapped or injured persons.
  • Evacuate the building using Building Evacuation Procedures on page 9.
  • Return to the building only when given the “all clear” signal by emergency personnel.