Local Candidates

Click here for a specimen ballot for Annville voters provided by the Lebanon County Voter Registration Office.

Lebanon County voters have the option to vote a straight party ticket on the Republican, Democratic, Green, and Libertarian parties. Write-in nominations are available for all offices.

U.S. Senator
Tom Smith, Republican
Bob Casey Jr., Democratic
Rayburn Douglas Smith, Libertarian

Congress Representative
Charles W. Dent, Republican
Rick Daugherty, Democratic

General Assembly Representative
Mauree Gingrich, Republican

Attorney General
David J. Freed, Republican
Kathleen G. Kane, Democratic
Marakay J. Rogers, Libertarian

Auditor General
John Maher, Republican
Eugene A. Depasquale, Democratic
Betsy Elizabeth Summers, Libertarian

State Treasurer
Diana Irey Vaughan, Republican
Robert M. McCord, Democratic
Patricia M. Fryman, Libertarian