Elementary Special Education Major: Pre K-Grade 8

The Special Education Program (PreKindergarten-Grade 8) consists of 9 courses plus 3 credits of infused content. It must be taken as a dual major with PreKindergarten-Grade 4 Early Childhood Education. Student teaching experiences are provided in two settings: one in a general education setting and the second in a special education setting. Program graduates are certified to teach in early childhood education programs (PreK-4) and in special education programs (PreK-8).

Degree Requirements: Bachelor of Science with a major in early childhood education.

Students choosing to major in Special Education (PreK-8) must dual major in Early Childhood Education (PreK-4).

SPE 250 Cog Devel of Diverse Learners
SPE 255 Special Ed. Process & Proced.
SPE 260 Educ High Incident Disability
SPE 263 Math/Content Area Intervention
SPE 266 Educ Low Incidence Disability
SPE 269 Positive Behavioral Supports
SPE 360 Intens. Lang. Art Intervention
SPE 363 Assessment in Special Ed.
SPE 366 Collaboration & Communication


Additional Certification Requirements

Students seeking teacher certification must also complete a number of additional processes and requirements outlined in the Steps to Pennsylvania Teacher Certification document on the Education Department web page.  Along with other requirements, these include a minimum GPA and the following coursework:

1. Completion of one English composition course.

2. Completion of one English or American literature course.

3. Completion of two college-level mathematics courses.

4. Completion of required Special Education coursework:

SPE 250 Cog Devel of Diverse Learners
SPE 255 Special Ed. Process & Proced.

The following course is required for music education majors and may also be required for students transfering credits into any certification program from other institutions:

SPE 258 Instruct & Behav. Strategies

5. Completion of one of the following ESL courses:

For early childhood/special education certification: EDU 240 Lang, Diversity, Achiev.: Pk-8

For secondary education certification: EDU 245 Lang, Diversity, Achieve: 7-12

K-12 certification (languages and music) candidates may take either course.