Required Background Checks

All enrolled students in any education program at Lebanon Valley College must complete the following background checks prior to the start of freshman year.

Required Background Checks:

  1. Pennsylvania State Criminal History Record
      • Fee payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
      • More information can be found here.
  2. Federal (FBI) Criminal History Report
      • Fee payable to Cogent Systems
      • More information can be found at: **(Please see below.)
  3. Child Abuse Report
      • Money order, no personal checks accepted
      • Forms can be obtained by schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
      • More information can be found here.

**Be sure to choose the Cogent Systems "Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)" fingerprint form. There are 3 choices, BUT ONLY ONE from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The other two will not be accepted by the Lebanon Valley College Education Department. Registration numbers beginning with "PAE" will be the only registration numbers accepted.