Students Rights & Responsibilities

Otherwise qualified students with disabilities have the right to:
  1. Freedom from discrimination, harassment or retaliation related to a disability, or to attempts to obtain accommodations, or to file a complaint regarding denial of accommodations.
  2. Equal access to educational and student programs, services and activities offered by the college.
  3. Appropriate accommodations (i.e., environmental modifications, academic adjustments, and or auxiliary aids) determined through an interactive process between each eligible student and the Director of Disability Resources.
  4. Confidentiality regarding information related to a disability within the confines of “need to know” basis.
  5. Information available in accessible formats.
  6. Assistance through the Center for Disability Resources in removing barriers and obtaining accommodations.
Eligible students with disabilities have the responsibility to:
  1. Identify as a student with a disability and request services and/or accommodations in a timely manner.
  2. Provide appropriate documentation of a disability.
  3. Follow the Procedure to Request Services listed on the Center for Disability Resources webpage.
  4. Pick up Accommodation Letters in the Center for Disability Resources at the beginning of each semester.
  5. Deliver Accommodation Letters in a timely manner to those professors from whom the student is seeking accommodations.
  6. Meet with professors by appointment or during office hours to discuss the accommodations requested in that class.
  7. Complete and return exam schedule to Center for Disability Resources; notify the Disability Resources Assistant of any changes in the exam schedule.
  8. Make an appointment with the Director of Disability Resources if any questions or difficulties arise regarding accommodations or other disability issues.