General Disability Information

Students with disabilities must meet the same eligibility criteria and standards as any other student who applies to the College. No pre-admission inquiries about disability are made, and disability related information that is voluntarily submitted prior to admission is not considered in the admissions process. Students are advised to wait to submit documentation of disability to the Office of Disability Services until after an offer of admission is made. In a re-admission process, the College will demonstrate a good faith consideration of disability related information, consulting knowledgeable persons and experts as deemed appropriate.

The College endeavors to offer services and benefits to students with disabilities that are equally effective as those provided to students without disabilities. Students will be afforded equal opportunity to participate in all of the programs of the College, including extra-curricular programs. Meaningful access will be provided in the most integrated setting possible.

Reasonable Accommodations and Academic Adjustments
Reasonable accommodations and modifications to academic requirements are made to ensure that the information is accessible and the requirements do not discriminate against the student with a disability. Reasonable accommodations are those which effectively accommodate a disability while not lowering standards or altering essential requirements of a program, and that do not unduly strain the College's financial resources. Accommodations considered to be unreasonable include those that would change the nature or structure of a program; that would waive an essential element of the program; that would necessitate the creation of a new program; or that would present health or safety risks. The reasonableness of an accommodation or modification is determined by carefully reviewing and analyzing the facts of each case; what is deemed reasonable for one student might not be deemed reasonable for another. Colleges are not mandated to provide for personal services such as tutors, remediation services, or personal care attendants.

Nonacademic Services
Students with disabilities will have an equal opportunity to participate in all physical education and athletic activities if otherwise qualified. Counseling services (psychological, career, academic) will be provided in a non-discriminatory manner. No counselor may direct a student with a disability toward more restrictive career goals on the basis of disability alone. However, counselors are encouraged to engage students with disabilities in thinking about the obstacles their disabilities may present in any given career and in thinking about ways to deal with those obstacles. The College will provide accessible and comparable housing to students with disabilities. Organizations that receive significant assistance from the College will select members in a nondiscriminatory manner.