Office of Disability Services Survey

Please respond to the following statements by selecting the number on the scale the best represents your belief. Feel free to add comments you might have pertaining to the statements.

1. Disability documentation requirements were made clear to me. Comments:
2. The disability services provider has reviewed the college's policies and procedures concerning accommodation requests with me. Comments:
3. If I have made an accommodation request that was denied,the disability services provider has explained the reason(s) for the denial to me. Comments:
4. The disability services provider has made reasonable efforts to coordinate my accommodations in a timely manner. Comments:
5. The academic accommodations I have recieved have contributed to my success at the College. Comments:
6. I have felt comfortable contacting the disability services provider with questions or concerns. Comments:
7. If I have sought the disability services provider's help concerning a problem with a professor, she has effectively assisted me in working towards a solution. Comments:
8. The disability services provider has been reasonably available to me when I needed assistance. Comments:
9. The disability services provider has assisted me in developing my self-advocacy skills. Comments:
10. If I have requested help in developing appropriate learning strategies or study skills, the disability service provider has provided me with valuable assistance. Comments:
The following statements pertain to your experience of the larger college's efforts to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities.
1. Generally, I have felt comfortable discussing my need for accommodation with my instructors. Comments:
2. My professors have respected my right to confidentiality by not revealing my identity as a student with a disability to other students in the class. Comments:
3. Generally, my professors have been responsive in providing the accommodations recommended by the Office of Disability Services. Comments:
4. If I am a student with a physical disability, I have been able to access buildings on campus sufficiently. Comments:
5. No member of the faculty, administration, or staff has discriminated against me due to my disability. Comments:
6. On the whole, I believe that LVC offers a friendly learning environment for students with disabilities. Comments:
What is your current class status?
At the present time, how frequently do you contact the Office of Disability Services?
How long have you been recieving accommodations through the Office of Disability Services?
Do you have any suggestions to improve services to more effectivel meet your needs?