Management Team

Bill Allman, General Manager

John Hopewell, Executive Chef

Landis Brown, Retail Manager

George Kammerer, Service Manager

Patty Doughman, Catering Manager

Kymberly Wentsler, Marketing Manager

Amy Hartman, Administrative Assistant

Live Well/Gluten-Free

What is Live Well?
Live Well is a program to help you make healthy nutrition choices.
The items on our menu at the Cuisine Station meet nationally
accepted dietary guidelines and can be considered a healthy option.

In order for a menu item to be a Live Well item, each serving must meet certain criteria, including:

  • Limited use of saturated fats
  • Lower calories
  • Lower sodium

Look for Live Well at all Metz Culinary Management Venues at Lebanon Valley College!

All items on the "Cuisine" line are also, Gluten-Free as well.  You will find one protein-based meat entree, one protein-based vegetarian entree, a complex carbohydrate and a vegetable that are all prepared Gluten-Free on this line at each meal. In addition a Gluten-Free carved lean protein is offered at most meals.