Technology and Software

We recommend that all digital communications (DigiCOM) majors purchase a wireless-enabled notebook computer (PC or Mac) that meets the minimum hardware requirements listed below.

DigiCOM majors can acquire their own computer that meets the department's minimum computer requirements or they can buy a recommended PC or Mac system through the IT Services "buying a computer page." 

Program's Minimum Computer Requirements

  • 2.7 GHz dual core processor or 2.2 GHz quad processor minimum
  • 15.6" or larger display; Full HD graphics (1920x1080) or Hi-Res (1680x1050)
  • 4 GB of memory (RAM); 1 DIMM recommended
  • 512MB or larger discrete video card
  • Firewire port
  • 250 GB or larger 7200 RPM hard drive
  • DVD/RW drive
  • Wifi (802.11 a/g/n) and Bluetooth enabled
  • Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate® or Mac OS X® (v10.6)

* We recommend that all students have a four year basic limited warranty on their notebooks.

Recommended Industry-Standard Software
All DigiCOM majors will use the Adobe Creative cloud in classrooms and labs. We recommend, but do not require, that students get the Adobe Creative Cloud. If students desire the convenience of using this software on their own computer at home or over breaks, they can purchase a discounted version of the Adobe Creative Cloud by following this link. Please note that Adobe only offers the Creative Cloud through a monthly fee-based software service. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Incoming Students, Transfers, or Change of Majors

I already own a computer. Do I have to use the recommended Digital Communications notebook?
In order to take part in the Digital Communications department, use the standard software, and participate in classrooms, students should provide their own notebook computer. (See Digital Communications Technology and Software for details.) They can purchase the recommended system or use their own notebook if it can run the recommended software.

What type of notebook should I get?
In May of each year, the department works with IT Services to review and establish the hardware configuration for the upcoming year. The minimum specifications your notebook computer should have are listed on the Digital Communications Technology and Software page.

Can I choose a Mac instead of a PC as my Digital Communications notebook?
Yes. Macs are the prevalent platform used in the major, primarily in the design, communications, UX and video concentrations, while PCs are often prevalent in business and programming. While most DigiCOM majors purchase Macs, PCs provide a platform that the great majority of the public uses, are slightly less expensive, and are an acceptable alternative. The skills gained in using both are important, but students should choose the platform with which they are most comfortable and that most closely matches their intended concentration.

What software would I need?
Currently, Digital Communications recommends students purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is a monthly, software-as-service product offered by Adobe. Due to the discounts, you are encouraged to use LVC's software vendor, the link to which is posted on this link

What do I do if my notebook stops working?
Each student is responsible for the care of his or her notebook; the notebook must be kept in full working condition and students are strongly encouraged to purchase an extended warranty.

What do I do if my notebook is stolen or lost?
We recommend that you check with your insurance agent to determine what coverage, if any, you or your family's insurance provides for the notebook and accompanying software.

Do I need insurance?
The notebook and accompanying software are not covered by the College's insurance. We recommend that you check with your insurance agent to determine what coverage, if any, you or your family's insurance provides for the notebook and accompanying software.

How much does the notebook for the Digital Communications program cost?
The cost of the system is related to the specifications required by the program and software. As the software requirements change and the cost of technology change, so will the cost of the notebooks.

Will the cost for this notebook and software be included in my financial aid?
DigiCOM works with IT to set the configuration for the notebooks, develops a cost based on the recommended configuration and the recommended software, and communicates this amount to financial aid. As a DigiCOM student, you will have this amount included in your total cost of attendance only during the year that you declare DigiCOM as your major. This means you may receive financial aid (outside grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) to help cover this expense. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information, 717-867-6126 or

Can I use the academic version of the software on an internship or to produce projects for hire?
Under the current educational licensing agreement, yes.