Videography Concentration

With advances in technology and the rise of social media, video has become a powerful, engaging, and necessary storytelling tool for communications professionals. By combining skills learned in the DigiCOM core with an understanding of practices of pre-production (planning and storyboarding), shot composition, and post-production (editing and sound design), videography concentrators create targeted and meaningful pieces that play a pivotal role in modern communications.

Students who opt for a concentration in Video must complete the following courses:

DCOM 340 Videography
DCOM 341 Editing/Post-Production
DCOM 343 Sound Design

One course from the following:

AMS 328 Film and the American Identity
ART 365 The Cinematic
DCOM 294 Special Topics in Video
DCOM 347 Motion Graphics
DCOM 394 Special Topics in Video