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User Experience Concentration

User Experience (UX) is all about understanding people--how they think, how they interact with systems, and what they want. UX is about designing usable systems, apps or sites that are a joy to use. UX is about prototyping and testing ideas in order to design more effective and pleasant interactions. UX concentrators observe, research, design and prototype. UX designers are like the architects of interactions. 

When you go on a site and it is just fun to use or you find exactly what you want--that's due to good UX design. When you interact with an app and it makes you smile--that's due to good UX design.  And businesses and organizations benefit from well designed systems, apps or sites that allow users to find what they want and enjoy their interactions.

Students who opt for a concentration in User Experience must complete four courses, with at least three taken at the 300-level:

One 300-level course from the design concentration chosen in consultation with the advisor.

Three courses from the following:

DCOM 293 Special Topics in User Expernc
DCOM 333 Experience Design
DCOM 351 Prototyping
DCOM 393 Special Topics in User Expernc
DCOM 431 Advanced Usability
*PSY 211 Research Methods in Psychology

*Must be taken with PSY 211L Research Methods in Psych Lab