Eric Kennedy ’15–Online Marketing Specialist at Woodstream Corporation
Eric Kennedy ’15 has joined a host of previous digiCOM alums at Woodstream Corporation in his new position as an Online Marketing Specialist. Read more



Zach Beidler ’15–Production Associate at Greenfish Labs
A recent graduate of the Digital Communications program, Zachary Beidler has been working since June of 2015 as a Production Associate at Greenfish Labs, Inc., a company based in Lancaster that focuses on providing creative business solutions using Virtual Reality as an emerging form of digital media. Read more

Amanda Seale ’14 Works as Marketing and Advertising Specialist for Century Home Improvements
Century Home Improvements is a licensed contractor that helps homeowners with projects, like installing awnings, decks, and patios. In her job, Seale creates print and web marketing campaigns, works on commercials for television and radio, and manages content on the website. Read more

Dan Callahan ’14 Uses digiCOM Diversity as a Social Media Manager
Callahan works on writing product descriptions, marketing new products to clients through social media, and backing up his sales with analytics. He says that the best part of his job is being able to “have a digital reach with customers/Fortune 500 companies that have some money to spend, and show [his] higher-ups how useful digital marketing can be through copywriting and social media.” Read more

Heidi Allison ’08 Works as Financial Analyst for
TE Connectivity
Allison has worked as a financial analyst for TE Connectivity for the past six years, but her job description has evolved over the years. She is now a global associate and is working on launching a new lean accounting program for the organization. Allison says that she is “currently in the process of developing communication plans, e-learning courses, a unified SharePoint site for the program, and working with IT to develop web-based tools and applications.” Read more

James Kroll Lloyd Directs Communications at The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
While Lloyd concentrated in design at LVC, he graduated as much more than just a designer. As a marketing and IT specialist, he not only designed digital and print materials and kept the website updated, but was also responsible for contracting with vendors for print and promotional material, running the IT help desk at all three branches, and even organizing and running the annual golf tournament. Read more

Kristin Miller ’10 Redefines Social Media at World Leader TE Connectivity
After over three years of working for WebpageFX, Miller was hired by TE Connectivity, a world leader in engineering and manufacturing components, as a social media analyst. She now manages social media channels aimed at engineers. When asked her favorite part of her job, Miller says, “I love being a part of the social conversation surrounding smarter, safer, greener, and more connected innovations in technology. Read more

Scott Parker ’13 Directs and Films for York Revolution Baseball
After his graduation in 2013, digital communications alumnus Scott Parker was hired by Ripken Baseball and the Aberdeen Ironbirds as a video production intern. In this internship, Parker set up and managed live broadcasts of the Ironbirds’ home games, and created graphics, animations, and other media. Read more

Emily Welsh '10 Expands Her Business Horizons
For Emily Welsh ’10, Georgia is a far cry from Lebanon Valley College and her home state of Vermont. Despite the daunting prospect of moving so far away from home, Welsh wasted no time starting her career. In the bustling city of Atlanta, Welsh and two colleagues opted to carve out a niche in the higher education market, creating their own company, Render Experiences. The company was originally known as TargetX Campus Visit Consulting, a division of TargetX. Read more