The following are statements received by actual students who have used our services in the recent past:

“I am more patient with myself and those around me, and am able to better communicate my thoughts and feelings.”

“I was initially very nervous to try out Counseling Services, but after I went, I immediately knew that it was the right choice. I feel very strongly that these services have helped me in important ways, and I have felt comfortable and welcome at every visit. I am very grateful for their presence on this campus.”

“Counseling helped me to build skills for confronting my (anxiety disorder).”

“Counseling Services has helped me by providing me with an objective point of view that I was unable to find anywhere else.”

“I am now eating healthier and exercising. I am also learning to make better use of my time.”

“I’ve been able to talk to someone about difficult things that are happening in my life and start to come to terms with them.”

“I also appreciated being able to go there to get prescriptions for my anti-anxiety medication.”

“I have been able to accept myself and get out of my head. I am now able to talk about what is going on with those closest (to me).”

“It has provided me with new insight into my own personality and it has provided me with ways to enact changes that work towards healthier dynamics in my relationships.”

“I’m trying to not think so negatively. Trying to open up more to people.”

“This is the second year in a row Counseling Services has been there for me. It's like my best friend that no one really needs to know about. I feel extremely comfortable using this service because the only people that know are the people I want to tell. If I don't want my parents to know, they don't have to know. They have also helped me understand what questions I should be asking my doctor about my health, this way we are making sure I am taking care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Do you have feedback, suggestions, or comments for the Counseling Services staff? Please contact Dr. Stevie Falk, Director of Counseling, at