The following are statements received by actual students who have used our services in the recent past:

“I was initially very nervous to try out Counseling Services, but after I went, I immediately knew that it was the right choice. I feel very strongly that these services have helped me in important ways, and I have felt comfortable and welcome at every visit. I am very grateful for their presence on this campus.”

“Counseling Services has helped me by providing me with an objective point of view that I was unable to find anywhere else.”

“I also appreciated being able to go there to get prescriptions for my anti-anxiety medication.”

“This is the second year in a row Counseling Services has been there for me. It's like my best friend that no one really needs to know about. I feel extremely comfortable using this service because the only people that know are the people I want to tell. If I don't want my parents to know, they don't have to know. They have also helped me understand what questions I should be asking my doctor about my health, this way we are making sure I am taking care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Contact Dr. Stevie Falk, Director of Counseling to provide a testimonial, at falk@lvc.edu or send comments to counselingservices@lvc.edu.