Study Abroad - An International Experience

An International Experience

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An experience in a foreign country gives a student a chance to explore and appreciate the diverse variety of cultures and environments in the world. Some programs abroad will provide an opportunity for students to take chemistry and biochemistry courses; others will not. Even if a program provides no science courses, student can be assured that both chemistry and biochemistry degrees are compatible with a semester abroad. Students making regular progress toward a degree can enjoy the benefits of an international experience and still graduate within four years.

Select one of the following major areas of study:

B.S. with a Major in Chemistry

Those seeking a (non-ACS accredited) BS with a major in chemistry could take all of the required chemistry courses during three years here and have complete freedom as to which courses they might take during an international experience. For example, the schedule below shows how the junior year could be left open for study abroad. All of the chemistry and supporting courses fit into the freshman, sophomore, and senior years.


  Credit Hours
Freshman Year Fall Spring
CHM 111, 112 Principles of Chemistry I, II 3 3
CHM 113, 114 Introductory Laboratory I, II 1 1
MAS 161, 162 Calculus I, II 3 4
Sophomore Year    
CHM 213, 214 Organic Chemistry I, II 3 3
CHM 215, 216 Organic Laboratory I, II 1 1
CHM 222 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry   3
PHY 111, 112 Principles of Physics I, II 4 4
Junior Year    
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Senior Year    
CHM 305 Analytical Chemistry 3  
CHM 306 Instrumental Analysis   3
CHM 307 Quantitative Analysis Laboratory 1  
CHM 308 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory   1
CHM 311, 312 Physical Chemistry I, II 3 3
CHM 321, 322 Physical Laboratory I, II 1 1