LVC Chemistry has built an outstanding record of winning competitive external grant support, having received 50 grants for more than $2 million since 1982, and over $1 million in the past decade to fund undergraduate research, purchase instrumentation, support curriculum development, and provide scholarship aid. Information on these grants is provided below.

  Year                   Source                                   Amount                    Type                       Author

  2014     National Science Foundation           $177,798                  Research                  Dr. Peelen

                 U.S.-Hungarian Research on Harvesting Light Energy for Redox Chemistry and Biosensors

  2012     Petroleum Research Fund                  $65,000                  Research                  Dr. Marsh

                Selectivity Control in Aqueous Phenol Hydrogenation Using Palladium Nanocatalysts

  2010       National Science Foundation           $144,374                 Research                  Dr. Peelen

                  Synthesis of Unnatural Amino Acids Using Fmoc-Protected N,O-Acetals

  2009               Merck/AAAS                            $60,000                   Research                  Dr. Patton

                  Interdisciplinary Research Projects in Chemistry and Biology

  2008           Research Corporation                   $44,820                Research                Dr. Marsh

           Elementary Photoreactions for the Synthesis of Amino Acids on a Model Interstellar Surface

  2008      National Science Foundation           $150,000              Instrumentation            Dr. Peelen

          Project-based LC-MS Experiments at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology

  2007      National Science Foundation           $144,600                Research              Dr. Marsh

          Selectivity Control in Ketone Hydrogenation on Nanoscale Platinum Catalysts

  2006            Research Corporation           $43,758                      Research               Dr. Peelen

          Direct Synthesis of Fmoc-Protected Amines via Acyl Iminium Chemistry

  2004        National Science Foundation       $147,950                 Research              Dr. Wigal

          Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies of Quinone-Organozinc Alkylation Reactions

  2004         American Philosophical Society        $4,000              Research               Dr. Patton

          Modulating Ammonia Tunneling in E. coli Guanosine-5'-Monophosphate Synthetase

  2004      Council on Undergraduate Research     $4,500       Research             Dr. Patton

          Structure/Function Relationships in E. coli Guanosine-5’-Monophosphate Synthetase

  2003               Research Corporation            $39,820              Research                Dr. Patton

                 Mechanism of Ammonia Transfer in E. coli GMP Synthetase

  2003                    Merck/AAAS                       $60,000               Research            Dr. Wigal

          Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Involving Biological and Chemical Sciences

  2002             Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation        $10,000       Research         Dr. Patton

                       New Faculty Research Start-Up Grant

  2001        National Science Foundation         $39,500               Instrumentation                Dr. Moe

                 MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in Chemistry and Biochemistry

  2000         National Institutes of Health         $133,200                   Research                   Dr. Moe

          Mapping Nucleotide Sites of E. coli GMP Synthetase

  1998       Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation         $65,000          Research        Dr. Moe

                Scholar/Fellow Program for Undergraduate Institutions

  1998           National Science Foundation (RUI)          $71,000           Research       Dr. Wigal

          Synthesis of Quinols and Quinol Derived Products Using Organocadmium Reagents

  1998          Petroleum Research Fund (ACS)           $30,000           Research         Dr. Wigal

                 Synthesis of Biologically Active Quinone Derivatives

  1997          Exxon Education Foundation             $5,000            Research            Dr. Wigal

             Methodologies for the Regiospecific Synthesis of Quinone Derivatives

  1997            Research Corporation                    $38,470              Research          Dr. Moe

          Elucidation of Amino Acids at the XMP Site of E. Coli GMP Synthetase

  1996          Exxon Education Foundation              $5,000            Research           Dr. Wigal

             Methodologies for the Regiospecific Synthesis of Quinone Derivatives

  1996         National Science Foundation (UFE)         $88,574         Faculty Enhancement       Wigal, Cornelius

          A Consortium for Molecular Modeling Using Workshops and the World Wide Web

  1995            Exxon Education Foundation               $5,000           Research           Dr. Wigal

           Regiospecific Synthesis of Quinone Derivatives

  1995          National Science Foundation (ILI)          $49,188           Instrumentation         Wigal, Cornelius

          Molecular Modeling Throughout the Chemistry Curriculum

  1994         National Science Foundation (CCD)         $150,000          Curriculum         Dr. Cornelius

        Chemistry Domesticated: An Alternative Curriculum for the Two-Semester Introductory College Chemistry Course

   1994          National Science Foundation (ILI)          $43,000           Instrumentation         Dr. Dahlberg

          Chemistry Vibrational Spectroscopy Center

  1994           Exxon Education Foundation          $5,000          Research           Dr. Dahlberg

           Use of NIR/Raman Spectroscopy for the Measurement of the Composition of Materials

  1993         Nat'l. Inst. for Stds. & Tech (NIST)          $7,000           Research Dr. Dahlberg

          Chemometrics in the Analysis of Gas Chromatography

  1993           Exxon Education Foundation             $5,000           Research           Dr. Dahlberg

          FTIR-Based Chemometric Analysis of Commercial Oils

  1992           National Science Foundation (UFE)          $30,000         Faculty Enhancement         Dr. Cornelius

          NMR Workshops for Undergraduate Chemistry Faculty

  1991          National Science Foundation (UFE)           $56,936            Faculty Enhancement          Dr. Cornelius

          NMR Workshops for Undergraduate Chemistry Faculty

  1991         Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation         $7,300          Curriculum           Dr. Moe

          Development of an Integrated, Project-Based Laboratory Curriculum

  1991        National Science Foundation (ILI)          $9,850          Instrumentation          Dr. Moe

          Electrochemical Equipment into the Chemistry Curriculum

  1991           E. I. du Pont Foundation             $10,000                Instrumentation           Dr. Moe

          Purchase of Electrochemical Instrumentation

  1991          National Science Foundation (LLD)            $65,100             Curriculum           Dr. Moe

          Development of Instrument-Based Laboratory Projects in Chemistry

  1989         National Science Foundation (ILI)             $96,750           Instrumentation           Dr. Cornelius

          Integration of an Fourier Transform Superconducting NMR into the Chemistry Curriculum

  1989       National Science Foundation (ILI)          $11,455          Instrumentation       Dr. Moe

          Cross-Disciplinary Introduction of High Performance Liquid Chromatography

  1989            Kresge Foundation             $100,000            Instrumentation           Department

          Fourier-Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

  1988           National Institutes of Health (AREA)           $52,211            Research           Dr. Cornelius

          Phosphato Complexes of Platinum

  1988           National Science Foundation (RUI)           $50,000             Research           Dr. Moe

          ATP Regeneration Based on Polyphosphate Kinase

  1988           Woodrow Wilson Foundation            $1,040            Research           Dr. Cornelius

          Research Support for High School Chemistry Teachers

  1988         National Science Foundation (ILI)          $16,566            Instrumentation          Dr. Cornelius

           Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy in the Chemistry Curriculum

  1987           Woodrow Wilson Foundation               $1,635              Research           Dr. Cornelius

          Research Support for High School Chemistry Teachers

  1987    National Science Foundation (ILI)             $22,890            Instrumentation           Dr. Moe

              Introduction of GC/MS into the Chemistry Curriculum

  1987         National Science Foundation (ILI)          $26,107           Instrumentation           Dr. Moe

          Equipment for Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry

  1986            Petroleum Research Fund               $2,000             Research               Dr. Moe

          Supplementary Summer Research Student

  1986           Dow Chemical Foundation            $121,000          Scholarship Aid          Department

              Undergraduate Scholarship Program in Chemistry

  1986         Pittsburgh Conference Grants Program          $2,500     Instrumentation           Dr. Moe

        Hewlett-Packard Diode-Array UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

  1985          National Science Foundation (RUI)               $19,000            Research           Dr. Moe

          Immobilized ATP Regeneration Using Polyphosphate Kinase

  1985           Petroleum Research Fund (ACS)             $15,000              Research            Dr. Moe

            Immobilized ATP Regeneration Using Polyphosphate Kinase

  1984                   Research Corporation               $17,740              Research              Dr. Dahlberg

            The Origin of anomolous Temperature Dependence of Kinetic Isotope Effects in Elimination Reactions

  1982                   Research Corporation               $12,000              Research              Dr. Moe

            Determination of Structural and Catalytic Properties of Polyphosphate Kinase from E. coli

  1982                   Research Corporation             $13,000              Research            Dr. Dahlberg

            The Effect of Electron Withdrawing Substituents on the Mechanism of Elimination Reactions

  1978                   Research Corporation             $7,2000              Research              Dr. Moe

            Determination of the Catalytic Role of Divalent Metal Ions in the Inorganic Pyrophosphatase Reaction