Fall 2016 Workshops and Forums:

Benchmarking Results & Setting Appropriate Targets

Michael Kitchens
September 16th, 2-3 p.m.; Location TBD

What are the best processes for establishing benchmarks? How does one set meaningful and appropriate targets in program assessment? This workshop will examine these two topics, their relationship, and how departments can apply them to program assessment.

Strategies to Support 1st Year Students in Meeting Expectations

Stacy Goodman, Robert Machado, Linda Summers
September 21st, 2016, 12-1 p.m.; Location TBD

1st-year students often come in with varying expectations for what work in college will look like and bad habits that they developed in high school. What techniques can be useful to encourage and support students in developing the skills and habits of mind to help them be successful at LVC?

Mindful Teaching & Learning: Developing a Pedagogy of Well-Being

Carmen Garcia-Armero & Marianne Goodfellow
October 28th, November 4th, November 11th, & November 18th, 12-1 p.m.; Location TBD

Mindfulness is the recovery and development of traditional contemplative practices which seek to enhance present moment awareness. This is a four-week session that will cover the theory and practice of a “pedagogy of well-being.” This series of workshops will help participates investigate mindfulness-based practices to assist students in the transition to higher education and beyond in relation to self-care and stress reduction.

That Offends Me: Managing Student Emotional Reactions in the Classroom

Cathy Romagnolo
November 2016, Time TBD; Location TBD

Students often encounter situations in their courses that make them uncomfortable or may deeply offend them. This workshop will look at specific scenarios and case studies of some of these situations and discuss strategies for how to help students learn to manage their responses and maintain a learning environment.