What We Offer

CETL organizes and facilitates a number of programs for full- and part-time faculty. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pedagogy and educational technology workshops - monthly programs that explore innovative techniques and technologies related to teaching and learning
  • Faculty forums - programs that initiate and foster discussion among faculty colleagues for the exchange of ideas and practices related to teaching and learning the College
  • Faculty learning communities - faculty inquiry groups based on either a cohort or an area of interest who meet once to twice a month to explore and discuss their shared interests in a collegial and supportive context
  • Individual consultations - available via phone, e-mail, web chat, or in person, consultations with the CETL director provide resources and support for enhancing student learning and improving outcomes
  • Classroom observations - in-class observations provide excellent feedback for faculty who are looking to try something new in the classroom or address a teaching concern in a reflective setting
  • Peer observation groups - small groups of faculty who meet during a semester to observe a class given by each group member and to discuss effective teaching techniques